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We are proud to be your local bus and tram provider.  We serve the Fylde Coast with a high frequency of buses and trams which link local communities together including Lytham, St Annes, Blackpool, Bispham, Fleetwood, Cleveleys and Poulton.

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  • The service Tram has disruptions

    Fleetwood to Starr Gate

    via Promenade

    • Tram Disruptions

      Today 17:30

      The 21:15 from Starr Gate to Little Bispham is now able to run, but the return journey departing Little Bispham at 21:51 will terminate at The Pleasure Beach.

  • 1

    Fleetwood to Starr Gate

    Via Promenade

  • 2

    Poulton to Blackpool Town Centre

    via Victoria Hospital Outpatients

  • 2C

    Knott End to Blackpool

    via Poulton

  • 3
    The service 3 has disruptions

    Mereside Tesco to Cleveleys Park

    via Blackpool

    • Cherry Tree Road/Penrose Avenue Stop Closure

      22nd Nov 2022 onwards

      The bus stop on Penrose Avenue/Cherry Tree Road is currently closed until further notice. Please board your bus just around the corner on Cherry Tree Road.

    • Service 3 not operating

      3rd Dec 2022 onwards

      Due to a technical problem the service 3 due from Dickson Road towards Cleveleys at 1059hrs is not currently in operation. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. UPDATE; The service will be resuming at 1135hrs Cleveleys heading towards Cleveleys Park

  • 4

    Cleveleys to Mereside Tesco

    Via Blackpool

  • 5

    Victoria Hospital to Halfway House

    via Town Centre

  • 6

    Mereside to Grange Park

    via Blackpool Town Centre & Layton

  • 7

    Cleveleys to St Annes

    via Blackpool

  • 9

    Cleveleys to Blackpool

    via Bispham

  • 11

    Lytham to Blackpool Town Centre

    via St Annes

  • 12

    Blackpool to Baines School

    via Bispham-Carleton-Poulton

  • 14

    Fleetwood to Blackpool

    via Layton

  • 17

    Blackpool Town Centre to Lytham (Saltcotes Road)

    via Common Edge and St Annes

  • 18

    Blackpool Town Centre to Mereside Tesco

    via South Shore

  • 20

    Staining to Blackpool

    via Victoria Hospital (Main Entrance)

  • The service 74, 75 has disruptions

    Fleetwood to Preston

    via Poulton and Lea

    • Service 74 Diversion from 6pm

      19th Nov 2022 onwards

      Due to staff and passenger safety concerns, we are diverting our service 74 in Preston from 6pm until further notice. Lea Rd/Blackpool Rd/Pedders Lane/Navigation Way and Port Way will not be served during this time. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.