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Service Cancellations

Today 08:45

We're really sorry to report that the below trips will not run today due to a lack of driver resources. We may be able to fill some of these missing trips and will update this page throughout the day with any changes.

Times below are from the journey starting point
1 08:20 Fleetwood Ferry
1 09:35 Starr Gate
1 10:50 Fleetwood Ferry
7 11:25 Cleveleys
7 12:07 St Annes Sq
7 16:43 Corp St
7 17:25 Cleveleys
7 18:37 St Annes Sq
11 16:40 Market St
11 17:42 Lytham
11 18:43 Market St
11 19:43 Lytham
14 13:00 Corp St
14 14:00 Fleetwood Ferry
14 14:45 Corp St
14 15:45 Fleetwood Ferry
14 17:15 Corp St
14 18:15 Fleetwood Ferry
14 19:15 Corp St
14 20:15 Fleetwood Ferry
17 13:30 Market St
17 14:45 Lytham
17 16:00 Market St
17 17:15 Lytham
17 18:30 Market St
2C 13:20 Abingdon St
2C 14:35 Knott End
Tram 11:24 Starr Gate
Tram 12:29 Fleetwood Ferry

Again we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Service 11 diversion: Lytham Festival

28th Jun - 10th Jul

During Lytham Festival evenings, services 11 will be diverting in Lytham from 21:00 each evening.

The service 11’s from 21:00 will travel into Lytham via Church Road before turning right onto Queen Street and right onto West Beach to begin/end. The 11 will not run from Lytham Square or serve the hospital stop.

When leaving Lytham towards Blackpool, the service will turn right onto Seafield Road, left onto Church Road and continue the regular service 11 route.

Service 17 will use its normal route to/from Lytham Square.

Service 14 Bus Stops Closed - Neville Avenue/Norcross

13th Jun onwards

  • Affected routes:
  • 14

Due to works in the are, bus stops at Neville Avenue (next to Norcross Roundabout) will be closed until further notice. Please use stops at Four Lane Ends or on Fleetwood Road South (across the roundabout) to catch your service.
The works have temporary traffic lights installed which may cause some short delays in busy periods.

Preston Ringway The Courts

7th Feb onwards

Due to works on Preston Ringway, this stop will not be served until works are complete.

You can alight your 74/75 from Preston Bus Station instead.