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Changes to our Bus Service - Sunday 19 September

16th Sep onwards

Some of our bus services will see changes to their timetables from Sunday 19 September. These changes have been made to ensure we can run a reliable service for our customers under the current circumstances.

Click the title to read more and see the changes to services.

Changes to Bus Travel During the Illuminations.

1st Sep - 2nd Jan

So that our services can avoid congestion around Blackpool town centre and the Promenade during the weekends and evenings, some of our services are diverting on Friday and Saturday evenings and Saturday and Sunday daytime during the busy illuminations period.
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Unfortunately due to driver shortage our service 1 will not run at the following times.

Today 02:10 - 23:00

  • Affected routes:
  • 1

Service 1 will not run -
07:50 between Fleetwood & Starr Gate
08:35 between Starr Gate & Fleetwood
09:05 between Starr Gate & Fleetwood
09:50 between Fleetwood & Starr Gate
10:20 between Fleetwood & Starr Gate
11:05 between Starr Gate & Town Centre
11:35 between Starr Gate & Town Centre
12:21 between Town Centre & Fleetwood
12:51 between Town Centre & Fleetwood
13:20 between Fleetwood & Starr Gate
13:21 between Town Centre & Fleetwood
13:50 between Fleetwood & Town Centre
14:20 between Fleetwood & Town Centre
14:35 between Starr Gate & Fleetwood
15:38 between Town Centre & Starr Gate
15:50 between Fleetwood & Starr Gate
16:05 between Starr Gate & Fleetwood
16:08 between Town Centre & Starr Gate
16:35 between Starr Gate & Fleetwood
17:05 between Starr Gate & Fleetwood
17:20 between Fleetwood & Starr Gate
17:50 between Fleetwood & Starr Gate
18:20 between Fleetwood & Starr Gate

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this and thank you all for your patience during this testing time.

Tram Delays

21st Sep onwards

Unfortunately, due to staff shortages, our trams may experience some delays today (Tuesday 21 September)

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused by this and we will continue to update throughout the day.

Service 74 & 75 diversion - Skippool Roadwork's from 13th Sept 2021

8th Sep - 25th Oct

Due to carriageway works, our service 74/75 will divert away from Skippool Road from Monday 13 September - Monday 25 October.

We will provide a shuttle bus service during the diversion between Thornton Centre, Four Lane Ends and Hornby Corner during this diversion. Click the title to view the shuttle timetable.

Service 74 travelling to Fleetwood will use its normal route to Breck road, then continue using Amounderness Way, Fleetwood Road South, Victoria Road East and back to its normal route at Lawsons Road. Travelling to Preston will be the same in reverse.

Service 75 travelling to Fleetwood will use its normal route to Breck road, then divert using Amounderness Way, Fleetwood road South and back to its normal route at Victoria Road East. Travelling to Preston will use this diversion in reverse.

Service 1 & 20 diversion- Blackpool North Station.

9th Aug onwards

Our services 1 & 20 will not serve Blackpool North Station from 09 August until further notice as roadworks at the station take place.

Service 1 will remain on the promenade in both directions and not serve Blackpool North station.

After leaving Queen St, service 20 will use Dickson road, Talbot road and then back to normal route.

Queen street closure

9th Jul onwards

Due to a closure on Queen St, all services that use this street are diverting from the town centre until roadworks are complete.

Service 2, 2C, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 14 will use Abingdon St and continue along Talbot Road where they return to their normal routes.

There is a temporary stop on Talbot road outside Home Bargains.

Service 18 and 20 are unaffected.

Service 6 diversion- Caunce Street

4th Jun onwards

  • Affected routes:
  • 6

Due to antisocial behaviour on Caunce Street involving our services, we will be diverting the service 6 away from the Victory Pub area daily from 18:00.

Northbound: Normal route to Grosvenor Street, Church Street, Devonshire Square, Devonshire Road, Caunce Street and back to normal route.

Southbound: Will use the same diversion in reverse.

Service 4 Diversion - Stanley School

7th Sep onwards

Due to the amount of cars parked around Stanley School and its junctions, our service 4 will be diverting away from Wordsworth Avenue and Kipling Drive between 08:00 - 09:00 and 14:30 - 15:30 on school days only.

You will be able to catch or alight your service 4 from any bus stops on Preston Old Road or Preston New Road. The service will return to normal route at Kentmere Drive.

These disruptions could affect future journeys

Blackpool Old Road - Service 2C Diversion

30th Sep - 1st Oct

  • Affected routes:
  • 2C

Due to works on Blackpool Old Road, our service 2C will divert away from here from 09:00 on 30 September to 1st October.

During this time our 2C travelling north will use its normal route until Grange park, upon leaving Grange Park the 2C will use Garstang Road West, Hardhorn Road and continue its normal route from Poulton.

Travelling southbound will be the same in reverse.