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Travelling during the Illuminations

4th Sep onwards

On Friday 04 September the Blackpool Illuminations will spark in to life.

Due to this, we'll be diverting some of our bus services from 7pm on Friday and Saturday nights between Friday 04 September and Saturday 26 September. We'll be diverting from 6pm fromFriday 02 October until Saturday 17 October and from 5pm daily from Friday 23 October until Saturday 07 November.
Click the link above to see full details of where to catch your services.

Coronavirus: information for customers

13th Mar onwards

Our buses are clean and we’re keeping you safe if you need us. Read our guidance for travelling during Coronavirus.

Some Slight Changes to 'X' School Services

22nd Sep onwards

We’re constantly monitoring our services and making changes where possible to help our customers keep moving. we've made some slight tweaks to the below X services this week to help with capacity and to keep students moving.

From Monday 21 September, there will not be an afternoon X3 service running between Kincraig Road and Blackpool Town Centre. This service carried very few students so we advise anybody previously travelling on this bus, to catch a regular service 3.

From Wednesday 23 September, the morning X3 service from Mereside Tesco will have a slight change to its timetable leaving Blackpool Town Centre. The service will still leave Mereside Tesco at 07:45 but will travel from Blackpool Town Centre 9 minutes earlier to ensure Montgomery School pupils arrive at Bispham Village in time.

We have added an extra X12 service in the afternoons from Baines and Hodgson High Schools. This extra service means that each High School will have a separate service at the end of the school day to make sure there is enough capacity on board for students.

X6 and X14
From Wednesday 23 September, there will be a slight change to the timings of our X6 service from Aspire Academy. This service will now leave the bus stop at 15:08 instead of 15:04 to make sure students have enough time to board.
There will also be a change to our extra service 14 in the afternoons which previously picked up at Blackpool 6th Form at 14:30. This service will now start at 14:40 from Aspire Academy to help with the number of students travelling.

From Wednesday 23 September, our current X7 morning service that converts into an X9 service in Bispham Village, will remain as an X7 service and continue to Cleveleys to help capacity along our regular service 7 route. This will be the same in the afternoon, with an X7 service running from Cleveleys to the Halfway House.

Services 7 and 11 Diversion - Blackpool Illuminations

18th Sep onwards

From 19:00 each Friday and Saturday between 18th September and 26th September

From 18:00 each Friday and Saturday between Friday 2nd October and Saturday 17th October

From 17:00 daily between Friday 23rd October and Saturday 7th November

Due to illuminations congestion on the above dates, services 7 and 11 will be diverting and will not use this bus stop.

The services will be operating from St Annes Sq via Clifton Drive, Highbury Road, Kilnhouse Lane, Queensway, Common Edge Road and Squires Gate before returning to normal route. You will be able to catch your services at any bus stop along the diversion route.

Services to St Annes and Lytham will use this diversion in reverse.

Service 1 Diversion - Each Evening

15th Sep - 7th Nov

  • Affected routes:
  • 1

Due to congestion caused by illumination traffic, our service 1 will be using its illuminations diversion every evening from Tuesday 15 September and will only operate between Blackpool North Station and Fleetwood Ferry after 19:15.

The last service all the way through from Starr Gate to Fleetwood will be at 19:15 and the last service from Fleetwood to Starr Gate will run at 18:45.

After this time the service will run every 60 minutes from Blackpool North Station between 19:33 and 22:33, diverting away from the Promenade between Blackpool North and Norbreck Road.

The service will run from Blackpool North Station and travel via Dickson Road, Warbreck Hill Road, Bispham Road and Norbreck Road before returning to its normal route to Fleetwood.

Our tramway can be used as an alternative.

Service 4 Diversion - Stanley School

7th Sep onwards

  • Affected routes:
  • 4

Due to the amount of cars parked around Stanley School and its junctions, our service 4 will be diverting away from Wordsworth Avenue and Kipling Drive between 08:00 - 09:00 and 14:30 - 15:30 on school days only.

You will be able to catch or alight your service 4 from any bus stops on Preston Old Road or Preston New Road. The service will return to normal route at Kentmere Drive.

Stop Closed - Talbot Road Opposite Wilko

7th Sep onwards

Due to temporary lights and the demolition of the Wilko building, the southbound Talbot Road bus stop opposite Wilko will close on Monday 07 September until further notice.

You will be able to catch services 5, 6 and 7 from a temporary stop further along Talbot Road (just before the Abingdon Street traffic lights).
You can catch services 9 and 14 from Queen Street/Central Library.

Stop Closed - Service 3 & 4 Southbound - Dickson Road

7th Sep onwards

Due to the demolition of the Wilko building, the southbound service 3 & 4 stop (to Mereside) will be closed from 07 September until further notice.

You will be able to catch your services from a temporary stop in the car/taxi bay outside Funny Girls.

'X' Services for Students Only

2nd Sep onwards

With the return of students back to class and to make sure that they and other customers can travel as safely as possible, we have introduced X services on peak school routes and at peak times. These services, identifiable by an X in front of the number, are intended for school children only and are not regular service buses. Your regular services are timed to arrive within a few minutes of the X services for your onward journey.

Stop Closed - Talbot Road Wilko - Northbound

22nd Jul onwards

Due to demolition works taking place at the Wilko’s site, the bus stop outside Wilko on Talbot Road will not be in use until further notice.

Where to catch your services -

Services 5, 6, 7, 9 and 14 – Corporation Street or Queen Street

Services 18 and 20 – Queen Street

Services 2 and 2C Abingdon Street or Queen Street.