Catch The Bus Week

332 Days Ago 30th Jun

Catch the bus week 3rd - 9th July

Catch the Bus Week is a national event that takes place annually. This year it runs from 3rd to 9th July. The event is all about encouraging people to ditch their car for the week and give public transport a go. Not only is it a greener way to travel, but it's probably a lot cheaper too!

Did you know:

  • Five billion bus journeys are made annually in the UK with one billion to or from work
  • Switching just one car journey in 25, or once a month, to bus or coach, can remove one billion car journeys from our roads and result in a reduction of 2m tonnes of CO2
  • 2.5million people are bus commuters and a further 1million use the bus as a back-up which is 12% of the working population
  • The UK’s 88,683 buses and coaches deliver 5.2billion passenger journeys amounting to 18.1billion miles each year

This year, we’ve tried to make it easier for you to use our services by producing a survival guide that gives you step-by-step information on how to use our services in Blackpool and the Fylde Coast. Honestly, it’s not as difficult or daunting as you think!

We'll also be out and about during the week handing out the survival guides along with some free day ticket vouchers to get you started...give us a shout if you spot us!

Here’s all you need to know about travelling around on our services.

Find out about bus routes and timetables

On this website you will find lists of all our routes, maps and timetables.

The website also tells you if anything unusual is going on like roadworks or service disruptions.

In addition to this we have a mobile app that acts as a journey planner. You simply add in a start and end point and the app will tell you the quickest way to get there.

We’ve got a full ticket range

From single fares to longer term tickets, whatever your travel needs are we’ve got the ticket that will suit you.

You can now buy a bus ticket before you even board a bus through our mobile app. Your mobile phone then becomes your bus ticket and you simply show that to the driver as you board.

Alternatively you can ask the driver when you board the bus and they’ll happily advise you on the best ticket available to suit your journey.

Go to your nearest bus stop

The bus stop will tell you which services stop there and at what times. All buses display the service number and their destination on the front.

As your bus approaches the stop, signal for the bus to stop by raising your arm. Wait until the bus has stopped and the doors are fully opened before stepping on board.

Greeted by the driver

If you’ve purchased a ticket in advance via your mobile app simply activate that on your phone as the bus approaches and show it to the driver.

Alternatively the driver is there to help you with your ticket choice. We try and have enough change available but it’s always useful if you are able to avoid paying with large notes.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey!

When it’s time to get off

When the bus is approaching the stop you want to get off at, press the bell once. For your safety we recommend that you remain seated until the bus has arrived at the stop.

If you’re travelling for the first time, check the timetable to see where your bus will pick you up on the way back or simply ask the driver who will be happy to help.

It really is that easy. So go on, ditch the car and give our bus service a go.

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