What Will You Do With Your Time Back?

1 year ago Thu 20th Jun 2019

Working, shopping, meetings, cooking, cleaning, school, college, the list is endless! So much to do each and every day and so little time to do it all! 

So where do you fit in your 'you time'?.

Taking the bus or tram to your destination gives you some time in the day where it's all about... you!

Miss that episode? Not heard that song they're talking about in the office yet? Missed the latest scores?

Hands-free travel gives you those chances in the day for you to take some time back for yourself. Catch up with friends, finish your chapter, browse social media or just listen to your favourite music and watch the world go by. No worrying about driving, no worrying about others, just time in the day for you to keep just for.. well... you!

Not a frequent traveller? Need an excuse to jump on board a bus or tram? Well, we've got plenty of 'excuses' for you! From fun days out to relaxing nature trails and historic walks there's something for everyone. Head over to our Things To Do Page and let your next adventure start with a little you time.

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Don't forget, all of our Palladium buses are fitted with USB charging and free Wifi so it's easy to catch up with your family, friends, colleagues and more on the go!

Our comfy e-leather seating is perfect for relaxing with a book! Or with journeys taking you along the golden mile, through the countryside, and across the Fylde coast, why not simply sit back and enjoy the view!

Not sure which bus to catch or how to get there? Use our handy journey planner for all of the information you'll need. Traveling often? Download our mobile app for ticketless travel, timetables and service updates in the palm of your hand.