Riding the digital wave

1 month ago Wed 5th May 2021

Riding the Digital Wave to Economic and Social Prosperity

Connectivity has always driven prosperity. Trains and trams brought huge numbers of people into Blackpool and over 18 million visitors still come today! The connectivity of the industrial revolution became the life blood that fuelled Blackpool to prosper.

The Blackpool Pride of Place partnership has helped to generate a digital vision and narrative to help improve socio-economic outcomes for Blackpool and to create better lives. The objective was to launch the Digital Vision publicly, so it can be easily communicated, owned by the Town and be projected for profile and growth. This vision aligns to Blackpool’s ‘2030 vision’ in the Town Prospectus.

Blackpool’s Trans-Atlantic Connectivity, which connects Blackpool to New York faster than London, will also bring economic opportunities to the town. The cable is an important component of Blackpool’s digital infrastructure.wave when thinking about our customers and the town that that live in or visit.

Look here (https://www.bitc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/bitc-factsheet-blackpool-fyldecoast-ridingthedigitalwave-may21.pdf) at what this digital revolution brings to our town.

mind map of Blackpools 2030 vision