Contactless is on your Trams!

2 years ago Tue 2nd Nov 2021

That's right. After testing, trialling and preparing, we can happily say that contactless payments are now accepted on all our trams.


So, how does it work? If you have used our buses then you may understand how contactless works on our services. When paying for your tram fare with one of our conductors, simply ask for the ticket you require and ask to pay contactless, then just hover your contactless card or contactless-enabled phone over the conductor's fancy new card reader and poof, your fare is paid!

What tickets can I buy with contactless?

You can purchase all your single or saver tickets (except 30-day tickets) such as group tickets and a variety of different tickets up to £100 for those big family days out! 

If you need to purchase a 30-day ticket, you can do this quickly and easily online or via our mobile app and still benefit from simple and safe contactless journeys. 

Can I pay by putting my card pin in?

You can't pay by inserting your card and pin, if your card is not contactless-enabled, smartphones that use Google or Apple Pay are accepted too.

Can you Tap&Go?

Since we have a single flat fare of £3.20 on our trams, it doesn't matter how far you travel, you will be charged the same amount. No need to 'Tap off', just pay your single fare with the conductor and enjoy the ride.

Will I get a Ticket? 

You will get a ticket from our conductor if you are paying for a single fare, then just take your seat once you've paid. 

If you are purchasing one of our great value saver tickets, these will be printed and given to you. 

Can I still pay with cash?

Of course! We do accept cash on board our trams but prefer payment with contactless or mobile tickets as this really helps out our conductors.


Any questions? You can contact us here or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter, we're here to help!