Saver Tickets

Our saver tickets offer you flexible, unlimited travel on any Blackpool Transport bus or tram* for one great price. Perfect if you're travelling a few times during the day, a few days during the week or a few weeks during the month! Check out our Service Network Map to view our routes and their destinations.

Choosing Your Ticket

If you're travelling more than 3 times in one day, our 24 hour tickets are the easiest and best value option for your journeys.

Travelling more than 3 days in a week? Our 7 day ticket option reduces that cost even further!

Travel frequently every week? From just £1.86 per day, our 30 day ticket is the choice for you!

Buying Your Ticket

We've got a few options for you to buy your saver tickets, from purchasing in advance and saving up to 8% off your travel or, paying our teams onboard using contactless payments or in cash.

Digital Tickets: Save money on your journeys by purchasing a digital saver ticket. Buying your ticket in advance gives you convenient, better value and seamless travel in the palm of your hand.

By using our mobile app to store your tickets, simply scan your ticket when you hop on board. Your ticket will sit pretty in your mobile app wallet for up to 12 months, ready whenever you need it.

Buying Onboard: You can buy a range of tickets from your driver or conductor. If you need to buy a ticket for the month (30 day ticket), you'll need to purchase a digital ticket, or a paper ticket from a PayPoint outlet as we don't offer these onboard.

You can purchase your tickets from our teams using contactless payments, or in cash.

PayPoint: You can also purchase our tickets from local shops that display the PayPoint sign. You can purchase 1 day, 3 Day, 7 Day and 30 Day tickets from Paypoint Outlets for adults, young people and children.

Paper tickets purchased from PayPoint outlets or onboard our services are not time-sensitive and will be valid from the day of purchase until midnight on the final day of your ticket, not the time you purchased it.

*Heritage Tram Tours are not included with our saver tickets. More information can be found at

All terms and conditions relating to our Saver tickets can be found within our Conditions of Travel Policy.