Saver Tickets

Easy, convenient and cheaper than purchasing single fares. Unlimited travel on any Blackpool Transport bus or tram (excluding Heritage Tours) anywhere on our network for one great price.

Buying onboard?

Purchase 24 hour, 3 Day or 7 Day tickets from the driver or conductor when you board.

Like to be prepared?

All tickets apart from 24 hour and dog tickets can be purchased in advance on our website, mobile app or from many local PayPoint outlets. During the Covid-19 emergency, our Customer Centre is closed until further notice.

Please note that proof of age is required to purchase and travel with a 16 - 21 Young Person ticket.

All terms and conditions relating to our Saver tickets can be found within our Conditions of Travel Policy.

On Sunday 9 August some of our single fares and saver tickets prices changed. Take a look here for up to date saver ticket price information.

Tickets and Prices

Prices below are for tickets bought onboard or from PayPoint. Buying on our website or mobile app is always cheaper!


Adult24 £5.50
1 Day Adult £5.50
3 Day Adult £12.50
7 Day Adult £15.50
30 Day Adult £58.00

Young Person (aged 16 - 21)

YP24 £3.80
7 Day Young Person £14.00
30 DayYoung Person £47.50

Child (aged 5 - 15)

Child24 £2.70
1 Day Child £2.70
3 Day Child £7.00
7 Day Child £8.00
30 Day Child £28.50


Family24* £12.00

* Valid for 1 adult & up to 4 children or 2 adults and up to 3 children


Group24* £13.00

* Valid for up to 3 adults


Rover24 £1.00
7 Day Rover £5.00