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Blackpool Transport App - The journey this year

5 months ago Mon 9th Dec 2019

Looking back on this year a lot has changed in the Blackpool Transport app. Plenty of bug fixes and performance improvements have ensured that the Blackpool travel app is well optimised and performs better than ever. However, we want to showcase the bigger updates that have taken your travel app to the next level, and if you didn’t already know about them, let us show you!

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Accessibility Features

Blackpool Transport accessibility feature

There are over 11 million people in the UK with disabilities, which is why we made it a high priority to ensure our app is more disability-friendly. In partnership with Access Fylde Coast and grant funding by the Coastal Communities Fund, we have added features to improve the accessibility of our information. Firstly, we added 'Venue Facilities' where users can see ahead of time what is going to be available to them when they arrive at their destination. To use this feature just click on any attraction on the 'things to do' page and click the 'Venue facilities' option.

Easy to read text & British Sign Language (BSL) are other examples of how we made our app more Disability friendly. Now users with learning difficulties or vision impairment can view the text in a simpler, concise form. Almost 90,000 people in the UK use BSL as their first language. The purpose of these changes is to empower those users to get on a bus and visit some incredible attractions.

Dark Mode

Blackpool transport App- Dark mode

Recently we added a dramatic new colour scheme, it's easier on the eye and your phone's battery life. The dark mode aims to help reduce the feeling of vulnerability that some users feel when using their phones in the dark at bus stops.

By significantly reducing the brightness of the screen it becomes less obvious to others that travellers are using a mobile phone. To turn on Dark mode, go to your settings within the BTS app and you can choose to switch it on or off from there.

Customisable start screens

Blackpool Transport- Customisable start screen

In July we made it possible for users to open the app straight into any section such as mobile tickets, explore, favourites or service updates, giving you the freedom to personalise your BTS app even more. For regular app users, this saves a lot of time if you always view the same screen, such as the mobile tickets page - how convenient! To activate this, go to your settings then select the 'start screen' option and pick which screen you would like to appear first when you open the app.

Active travel

BTS app- Active travel step count

Technology is advancing within the travel industry and we are more conscious than ever of our health and fitness. When travelling by bus, you’ll usually always need to walk to or from the bus stop which is a great way to get those extra steps in! Our active travel update enables users to see how many steps they contribute when they follow a journey plan provided by the app. Using the explore function, you’ll see a ‘ring’ around your location which shows you which stops are within a 5-minute walking distance, typically 300 steps! Keeping fit and healthy is as important as ever and by including a step count, we’re hoping it may encourage you to walk that little bit further and contribute to your health.

We’re not stopping there!

We’ve been super busy in 2019, developing new and beneficial features in our app, but we’ve still got lots more we want to introduce in 2020 and beyond.

Buying tickets

For a start, we’ll be making it much easier for you to manage your account and purchase tickets by adding the ability for you to do so on our website. You’ll be able to buy tickets on our website and have them sent straight to your phone. This will also make it much easier to gift tickets to others, for example, if you’re a parent buying a ticket for a child. For the first time, we’ll also be introducing a subscription option for your ticket to automatically renew once it runs out.

Ride Rewards

We’re extremely grateful for our loyal customers and in 2020 we’ll be giving back by introducing 'Ride Rewards'. This feature will host a range of benefits and discounts for you to enjoy across the Fylde Coast. From Cafes to the Pleasure Beach and much more, you’ll simply show the app to get your reward. Keep your eyes peeled!

More information about your bus

We’re looking at ways we can show you more information about the bus you are catching before it arrives at your stop. Since introducing our live tracking facility, which allows you to watch your bus in real-time on the map, we’ve wanted to add a few more features to benefit you even more. We’re hoping we’ll be able to show you information such as whether the bus is a double-decker, single-decker, how many wheelchair bays the bus has and what features are on-board.

These are just some of the features we’ll be rolling out in 2020 and we have a lot more planned for the future. We’re always listening to your feedback so if you have a great idea for a new feature or change, you can email it to us at [email protected]





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