A message from Managing Director Jane Cole

8 months ago Tue 3rd Oct 2023

Here at Blackpool Transport we are committed to ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of all our staff, volunteers and contractors on site at Rigby Road.

Rigby Road is currently being redeveloped to create a new bus engineering facility for our team and there is also a proposal to create an all-electric bus fleet.

Every building on the site is having a structural survey at the moment to ascertain what needs to be done to either retain or demolish them. We have contractors on site and the use of drones in operation.

Tramtown will not open to customer tours until 2024 but the volunteers have been accommodated in Rigby Road where they meet on a regular basis to continue their excellent work.

A limited Heritage tram operation will continue throughout the illuminations until the 31st December, with trams housed at Starr Gate.

The tram operation will close in January 2024 for a short period of time to enable some intense maintenance and repair work on some of the trams to be ready for the 2024 season.

Blackpool Transport and Blackpool Council continue to fully support Tramtown and the tramway operation.

More information will be given at regular intervals and once the structural surveys and any repair works have been completed.

I am really proud of the way that our heritage volunteers and LRT team have sustained a frequent tram service this year and in particular since the illumination period started.

The volunteers are currently putting in extra time and effort to run the heritage operation from our Starr Gate Depot and I really applaud their commitment.

The Tramway in Blackpool is a highly rated visitor attraction for things to do! This high rating is down to the hard work, dedication and professionalism of our heritage volunteers and our LRT team.

Well done everyone and keep up the great work because it really is appreciated!


Best wishes,

Jane Cole

Managing Director of Blackpool Transport