Blackpool Transport Activity Fun Pack

3 years ago Wed 27th Jan 2021

Blackpool Transport - Kid's Pack

Trying to think of imaginative ways to entertain your children this winter?

We cant wait to see our customers again and whilst many of us are not travelling at the moment, we want to do something to help you keep busy if you're staying indoors.

So, we've created an engaging pack with puzzles and colouring pages to entertain and educate your children (for a few hours at least). All you need is a printer and colouring pens or a laptop/tablet with 'paint' or similar.

Here's a sneak peek at a few things inside...

Kids pack- bus colouring page  

 Let your imagination run wild with this one. Can you copy our Palladium colours? Or, create something completely new and fantastic!

 We'd absolutely love to see your creations so share your masterpiece with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Kids pack- crossword page

 How good is your Blackpool Transport Knowledge?                      

 The final page holds all the answers to the puzzles but we challenge you to try and complete them first before peeking at the answers. Share your answers with us on Facebook or Twitter!

To print the pack:

  1. Click me to open the PDF

  2. Once the PDF has opened, go to File, Print, select the correct printer. Bobs your uncle!

If you don't have a printer:

You can still access the pack if you have a PC, Laptop or Tablet that has a 'Paint' software or similar.

Just right-click each of the below pictures and 'save image as' a JPEG. Find and open the file in file explorer and doodle away!

If you have any issues downloading or printing, don't hesitate to message us on Facebook or Twitter.

1.Kids pack - Page 1 

2.Kids pack - Page 2 

3.Kids pack - Page 3  

4.Kids pack - Page 4 

5.Kids pack - Page 5 

6.Kids pack - Page 6

7.Kids pack - Page 7 

8.Kids pack - Page 8