Blackpool Trams are UK’s Number 1 for Customer Satisfaction

15 Days Ago 4th Apr

Blackpool Tram with Pleasure Beach in South Shore

An independent national survey has revealed that Blackpool Trams are number one for customer satisfaction in the UK.

A customer satisfaction rating of 97% means that Blackpool’s world famous trams have outperformed other tram, bus and train operators from across the country and scored a full 6 points above the tram industry average.

The results were recently revealed by the nationally respected Transport Focus organisation which surveys thousands of passengers across multiple forms of public transport modes throughout the UK. The survey took place in Autumn 2017.

Jane Cole, Managing Director at Blackpool Transport said “This fantastic result is testament to the efforts of our employee’s day in, day out. Throughout 2017 we worked closely with our Managers and Training teams to ensure our conductors are fully equipped with the confidence and skills to deliver an outstanding experience for our customers.

Residents and visitors to our town expect an experience, not just a service and that’s what we are delivering. Our customer service training goes beyond the basics and includes both visible and hidden disability awareness training so that our teams can meet the needs of each and every one of our customers.”

Blackpool Transport also excelled in other areas of the tram passenger survey with customers reporting an 88% satisfaction rating with ‘value for money’, 20% ahead of the industry average along with a 91% satisfaction for punctuality of the trams.

Cllr Christine Wright, Chair of Blackpool Transport, said: “We’re delighted with the latest customer satisfaction rating. It’s fantastic that Blackpool Transport has been acknowledged as the best in the country for customer satisfaction but it’s important that we continue to develop.

“We look forward to providing an integrated transport network with trams running all the way to Blackpool North Station in the near future.”