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Diversion due to Promenade Congestion

1st - 3rd Dec 2023

  • Affected routes:
  • 11

Due to congestion on the Promenade on Friday and Saturday evening, Service 11 will divert after 17:00 until the end of service this weekend. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Northbound: Normal route until Lytham Road, then uses Tyldesley Road, Rigby Road, Central Drive, New Bonney Street, then back onto the Promenade to resume normal route.

Southbound: Normal route until Market Street, then uses Church Street, Promenade, Adelaide Street West, Bank Hey Street, Central Drive, Rigby Road, Tyldesley Road, Lytham Road to resume normal route.

Service 11 leaving Lytham at 12.56

1st Dec 2023 onwards

  • Affected routes:
  • 11

Service 11 leaving Lytham at 12.56 will not be in service due to anti social behaviour.

These disruptions could affect future journeys

Staining Road Resurfacing Works

4th - 7th Dec 2023

  • Affected routes:
  • 15

Due to resurfacing works taking place on Staining Road, Service 15 will be diverting for 3 days. We apologise for any inconvenience caused - please see below for full diversion details.

To Staining: Service will terminate at Staining Road End stop.

To Blackpool: Service will start from Staining Road End stop and continue normal route.