It's Not All Doom and Gloom - Our Lockdown Blog

6 months ago Thu 30th Apr 2020

Whilst the whole world has gone through unprecedented levels of concern and implemented measures many of us never thought we'd see, the way our society has pulled together has been a shining beacon throughout the current climate and we're so pleased to have been able to get involved and add our help to our own town's efforts.

We wanted to take a look back at some of the positive things that our team have been involved in across the Fylde Coast during the coronavirus pandemic.

Westminister Primary School Deliveries

On Monday 30 March, two members of our training team, Mark and Adele, joined Laura from the Blackpool Magic Club, Lisa who is the Deputy Head at Westminster School and Vicky, a Year 1 teacher at the school to deliver food parcels to families whose children would usually receive free school meals

We were delighted to be able to help deliver the food parcels. Well done to all!

Staff of Westminster School stood in front of single decker bus
Free Travel for the NHS

From Tuesday 31 March we introduced free travel onboard our services for those vital NHS workers who are doing their part on a daily basis to save lives.

We're proud to have been able to support our NHS and its workers in this way and hope that this has eased some of the strains on these absolutely essential workers during the crisis.

Is This the Way to Amarillo?

When a call went out for key workers to record themselves marching along to Peter Kay's Amarillo for the BBC Big Night in, our teams couldn't help but get involved.

Cue Blackpool Transport's Engineers, Bus Drivers, Managers and even a Director or three dancing along to say thank you to all essential workers!

Clap for the NHS and Key Workers

We have been joining the rest of the country each Thursday to show our appreciation for all of our key workers and our NHS teams. With our teams newfound acting talents we decided to do our show of support at our Rigby Road Depot. Thank you to all of our own teams, essential keyworkers and the NHS. You're our heroes! (You can see the feature-length video over on our social media channels!)

BTS Staff members in front of buses showing thank you to key workers and NHS on their blinds.

It's Not Just Dancing and Clapping

After showing our support and appreciation in front of the camera, we wanted to spread some joy to workers who are still travelling with us. Making use of our onboard audio announcement systems we asked our customers to send in some words of support, appreciation and love for that special key worker in their life. The announcements will be played on our services from Wednesday 6th May.

We had some lovely responses and really hope that they bring a smile to key workers on their daily commute.

Sweet Treats for Essential Workers

Our teams have been busy teaming up with Blackpool BID and Burton's Biscuits to deliver some sweet treats to very deserving key workers across the Fylde Coast, starting with care homes and expanding across the whole coast we are in the process of distributing 1,600 tins of shortbread biscuits kindly donated by Burton's Biscuits!

BTS Staff stood in front of double decker bus before starting deliveries

Thank You for Our Treats Too!

We've enjoyed getting involved in the town's efforts to stay positive and bring some community cheer during these unprecedented times but we've also enjoyed receiving kind treats from others too!

We've received some absolutely lovely treats from our customers including a pile of sweets from Danielle, a big bag of treats and bakes from our customer Nicole, a box of cakes from Quirky Tea Rooms to say thank you and a lovely bag of baked goodies from the Shepherd Bros! Thank you to you all for thinking of our teams and proving once again the community spirit, kindness and support that is spread across the whole Fylde Coast!

Selection of treats received by our teams including sweets and cakes