The Future of the Fylde Coast

1 month ago Sat 9th Apr 2022

In the next 5 years, Blackpool and its surrounding areas have big plans to level up. From major town improvements to evolution in transport, you’ll start to notice some changes to your local area. (If you haven’t already) Let’s see what the future of the Fylde Coast looks like…

Trams running to Talbot Road

Blackpool Transport

It wouldn’t be right to talk about major improvements to the coast without mentioning our own plans. We recently had a bid accepted to receive funding for a new fleet of electric buses. Read more on that here. This means that we will be introducing 115 new buses over the next 3-5 years, providing one of the cleanest and most modern bus networks in the country. We will also be transforming our Rigby Road depot to facilitate the new vehicles.

Our current fleet won't go to waste either, non of our palladium buses are more than 7 years old, which already makes them relatively new and economical compared to many buses used in the UK. Our current fleet will be sold to other operators who will benefit from our already clean buses!

The tramway extension to Blackpool North is almost complete. This will be great news for both locals and tourists, as we can offer an affordable travel option from the station to Starr Gate/Fleetwood Ferry and vice versa. We expect works to be finished this Autumn so keep your eyes and ears open for more news.


Wyre Dock Redevelopment

A new, all year round visitor destination and Commercial Park are on their way, in a bid to boost Fleetwood’s economy and revitalise the existing waterside property. Wyre Dock's redevelopments will provide new jobs for locals and plenty of entertainment & attractions.

The proposed scheme includes plans for a hotel, themed restaurant, visitor attractions, a retail outlet, private accommodation and talks of a dedicated fish park could be included. Works are ongoing so we won’t see the results for a while but keep an eye out for more information on the redevelopment.

Blackpool Central

Blackpool Central

If you haven’t already heard about Blackpool Central, where have you been? The £300 million indoor entertainment park will be a host to revolutionary entertainment you won’t find anywhere else in Blackpool. To be situated where the Central Railway Station once was, the multimedia complex will host all kinds of fun from all your fast-paced action like Laser Tag to inflatable attractions as well as places to eat. Blackpool Central will create around a thousand new jobs and aims to bring an estimated 600,000 visitors to the town annually.

The first phase of redevelopment has begun, as some roads have been shut down so development works on the new car park can commence. Read about that here.


Houndshill Shopping Centre Development

A brand new IMAX cinema is due to arrive in Houndshill shopping centre, the 850 seater venue will be the first of its kind in the UK, offering more than just cinema screenings. The state-of-the-art cinema will be able to host conference facilities and an e-sports café!

Balloon tram riding through Blackpool Illuminations

Blackpool Illuminations Modernisation

Fantastic news for locals and visitors alike, our much-beloved Promenade Lights have received funding of £4.5m to upgrade the 3km of electrical infrastructure. This upgrade will see three new features and up to 3 more new light art installations.

Blackpool Multiversity

Thanks to funding as part of Blackpool's town deal, £10m has been allocated towards a brand new learning facility in the town centre. A Multiversity, that will enable Blackpool Council, Blackpool & The Fylde College and Lancaster University to provide a learning environment through a high quality technical and professional curriculum.

The facility is due to provide lots of employment and support local businesses in upskilling their workforces through training and education by providing access to training programmes.

Boost to sea defences

Over 4000 properties are set to benefit from a £61m upgrade to replace and improve current coastal defences in Bispham and the north of Blackpool Town. The scheme will see improvements to the sea defences from Princes Way - Red Bank Road and from Gynn Square - Cocker Square.

The work will reduce the risk of erosion to thousands of houses and will protect the resort and our own tramway! Full update.