Blackpool Zoo is open while maintaining the necessary Covid-19 regulations to keep everyone safe. 

  •  Visitor numbers are limited each day.

  • Customers must book their visit online.

  • Some indoor animal viewing areas are closed.

  • In person talks, feeds and displays have been suspended.

  • Increased cleaning and disenfecting routines around the park.

  • Social distancing has been implemented with one way routes and signage.

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When visiting Blackpool taking a trip to Blackpool Zoo is a must. There are plenty of things to do within the 32 acres of parkland, the Zoo is home to many exotic animals from across the world which can’t be found just anywhere.

You can do more than just look at your favourite exotic animals at Blackpool zoo. Talk times occur often throughout the day, these consists of talks and feedings with a range of animals, giving you the chance to see some of your favourite animals up close and learn more about them from the people who know them best.

Across the whole 32-acre zoo it’s no surprise that there is pretty much every type of bird, fish, mammal and reptile you could imagine, what’s better is that you can even feed some of them! You can hand-feed Tapirs, Giraffe’s, aardvarks as well as Tortoises!

Once you’re tired out from exploring the massive zoo and all its inhabitants, treat yourself to Burgers, pizza and hot dogs at the BBQ Kiosk, or enjoy a healthy salad or snack at the Lake view café, elsewhere, the coffee shop is available if you want to grab a Starbucks. During the summer months’ various ice cream kiosks open around the zoo too!

Prices start from £13.50

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