Welcome to Yorkshire Fisheries- the oldest chip shop in Blackpool.

Our mission statement is quite simple- to sell only the best quality fish and chips consistently and with great service.
Our haddock is freshly delivered daily and our cod is ‘frozen at sea’ – retaining its freshness and flavour. It is then filleted and cut to size in the shop.

Our potatoes are all peeled and chipped daily. We only use the best quality potatoes and every week ensure that we are receiving the best potato of the season.

As well as the traditional cod and haddock, we also serve halibut, plaice, tuna, swordfish, salmon and herb fishcakes and scampi.

 In addition, we serve half and larger portions for those are feeling extra hungry or for those with a smaller appetite.

For those customers who are not a fan of fish we have a range of homemade pies as well as the popular Pukka and Holland pies. Peppered steak pies and locally sourced steak puddings are also on offer. 

Burgers, nuggets and chicken are also available and there is a children’s menu for the under 12’s.

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