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30th October - 2nd November

Junction 4 Productions are proud to present Witchfinder; a powerful and thrilling musical in its tenth year of performance. 

Prejudice, power, love and honour all vie for supremacy in both the King’s court in London and in the village of Pendle, as they are pitted against each other in a struggle for truth - and survival.

It is 1612 and England is recovering from the recent Gunpowder Plot, accusations of witchcraft and the fear of more Catholic conspiracies. A frightened King dispatches a Witchfinder to Pendle to bring the evildoers to trial (whether they are guilty or not) and against this backdrop, we introduce the story of two young lovers from different classes and backgrounds, thrust together in a melting pot of politics, fear and suspicion.

Witchfinder is a not just another musical – it is a grand scale original production with a script that has the weight and gravitas of a pure drama, but with soaring, beautifully orchestrated songs and some stand out characters. It traces the true story of the Pendle witch trial and all those affected, with tragic and heart-rending consequences, painting a picture of humanity which is just as resonant today; encompassing life and loss, but also love and hope. 

The show runs from 30th October to 2nd October nightly from 7.30pm with a 2.30pm matinee on Saturday. 


Prices start from £12.00

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