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Winter Bus and Tram Timetables

1 year ago Tue 9th Oct 2018

Our bus and tram timetables will change on Sunday 4 November 2018.  The changes are mainly due to the time of year as we see our winter timetables come into effect. Some services are also changing as a result of roadworks and some changes have been made to further benefit customers by increasing reliability on services.

We’ve added a summary below of which services will be changing and how this will affect your journey with us. If you need any further help or assistance with journey planning, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

As the Blackpool Illuminations are switched off for another year, the work on the new section of tramway will continue. This means some of our services will continue changing their routes and where they will stop in the town centre at various times. We’ll always keep you up to date with where your bus is stopping so keep an eye out on our mobile app, website and Social Media.

Services that will have changes to their routes are - 

Service 1

Part of the work developing the new stretch of Tramway will mean that Talbot Square will be closed at the end of the illuminations. This means our service 1 would not be able to use the Promenade to continue to Starr Gate from Fleetwood. From the 4th November, service 1 will run instead between Fleetwood (Affinity Outlet) and Blackpool Town Centre every 30 minutes. The service will run as normal to Starr Gate once the promenade is reopened.

Service 2c

As a direct result of customer feedback we’ve tweaked the service 2C route ever so slightly. We’ll now be providing a direct link to the Over Wyre Medical Centre in Knott End. We’ve not changed the frequency here so the service 2C will continue to run every 30 minutes, Monday to Saturday and hourly on a Sunday between Blackpool Town Centre and Poulton.

Service 7

To increase reliability and keep the service 7 on track we’ve made an adjustment to the route. Service 7 is currently the longest route in our network and suffers from reliability issues from time to time. To stop this and keep your journey on track, we are no longer going to be running service 7 as far as Saltcotes and the service will end at St Annes. Don’t worry though, we’ll be running our service 17 to Saltcotes calling at Lytham Square and Clifton Hospital from Blackpool Town Centre, using the same route that service 7 does now between St Annes & Saltcotes. The service 7 will also begin its regular Winter frequency from 4th November running every 20 minutes Monday to Friday and every 30 minutes on Sundays.

Service 17

Our service 17 is going to be extending to serve both Lytham and Saltcotes. We’re going to be running the service every 30 minutes, 7 days a week and interlink wherever we can with the service 7 in St Anne’s meaning that if you do need to change between the two we want to make it as seamless as possible for you. We’ve also added some extra journeys in the morning and evenings to ensure we can keep on getting you to where you need to be.

Service 18

As another direct result of customer feedback after a trial this year, we’ve altered the route of service 18 to serve Stanley Park again. Any customers still wishing to use this service to access Whitegate Drive Health Centre can do so by using the Elmslie Gardens stop on Whitegate Drive, which is a 5 minute (0.2mile) walk from the Health Centre, or using Service 4 which stops right outside. Blackpool's Rideability Service may also be able to help with any specific journeys. The service 18 will continue to run every 60 minutes daily. We've adjusted the 14.45 departure from Blackpool Town Centre to now leave at 1500 to coincide with school times at Park Community Academy so students are able to catch the service.

Other services will have some changes to their timetable and some will have a change of frequency - 


As the Illuminations come to an end the trams will return to a 15-minute frequency in the day time, 7 days a week. Fancy something a bit different? Keep an eye out for our special Heritage Winter Weekends where we’ll be running some of our Heritage trams too!

Service 2

No changes to route or times here! Service 2 will continue to run between Blackpool Town Centre and Poulton every 30 minutes.

Service 3

No change to the route or frequency on service 3 which will continue to run every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday and every 60 minutes on a Sunday. There has been a slight adjustment to the timetable so we can increase the reliability on your service.

Service 4

Same again with the service 4, the frequency and route hasn’t changed but we’ve worked on the timetable to again make the service even more reliable. Service 4 will continue to run every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday and every 60 minutes on a Sunday.

Service 5

Nothing drastic to report here either! We’ve made a slight change to the timetable to ensure the service is running as reliably as possible but that’s about it, service 5 will continue to run every 12 minutes Monday to Saturday and every 30 minutes on Sundays.

Service 6

We’ve been listening to feedback on our service 6 and have adjusted the timetable slightly so the service’s journey’s to Peel Park and surrounding areas are more reliable. Other than that, the frequency isn’t changing and neither is the route! We’ll still be running the service 6 every 15 minutes Monday to Saturday and every 20 minutes on Sundays.

Service 9

No changes at all to our service 9. The service will continue running every 12 minutes Monday to Saturday and every 20 minutes on Sundays.

Service 11

There’s going to be no changes to the route or frequency of our service 11, just a slight tweak to the timetables to make the service more convenient for school pupils. Service 11 will carry on running every 15 minutes Monday to Saturday and every 30 minutes on Sundays.

Service 14

Our service 14 will begin its Winter timetable from the 4th November. The service won’t have any of its route changed but will run every 12 minutes between Fleetwood and Blackpool Town Centre Monday to Saturday and every 30 minutes on Sundays.

Service 19

No changes to our service 19 which will continue to run every 60 minutes, providing a link between Staining and Blackpool Town Centre.

Service 20

Our service 20 doesn’t run during the winter months so from the 4th November, anybody wishing to visit Blackpool Zoo will be able to catch any of our services that travel to Blackpool Victoria Hospital stopping just a short walk from the zoo gates.

Timetables are available in the Routes & Maps section of our website, just make sure you select the correct date to preview the timetable from 5 November.

Alternatively, pick up paper copies of our timetables from our Customer Centre on Market Street or Blackpool Tourist Information Centre.


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