We're Clean, Safe & Here When You Need Us

3 weeks ago Thu 20th May 2021

Safety is at the front of our thinking and has been throughout this medical emergency. We've made a few changes to the way we ask our customers to travel with us. Above all, we want to reassure you that we’re still here, when you need us. 

Travel Guidance page update 03.06.2021

Our Trams are really busy at the moment. We're running a frequent service every 12 minutes as well as extra trams between our busiest locations, due to the nature of the trams, it's impossible for our teams to completely enforce the number of people getting on and off so we need your cooperation. If your tram arrives and the destination blind states 'Tram Full', you must not board the tram and instead wait for the next one or seek advice from conductors as to how many customers can board. By not following this request you are compromising your safety and that of others on-board.

Our team are trying their best in very difficult circumstances. Physically managing the number of people who wish to board is not the responsibility of conductors and we want to avoid terminating a tram trip because of overloading. If everyone does their bit by only getting on a tram when it is not full and there is space to do so, we’ll help to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Our Service 1 bus route runs alongside the tram using almost the same route and can be used as an alternative. All our season tickets including 24-Hour Tickets can be used on both buses and trams. Bus stops are located next to most tram stops.

Our priority is to make sure that customers who travel with us can continue to do so safely. 

Further restrictions have been eased as indoor pubs & restaurants reopen and non-essential shops, outside hospitality and some public buildings and services, have already reopened and restarted.

The gradual reopening means that our services will likely become busier as customers travel for different reasons. Please remember this if you are travelling and plan your journeys in advance. Walk or cycle where you can and avoid busy times and routes where possible. Our busiest travel times are currently between 08:00am and 10:00am and 3:00pm and 6:00pm.

Please continue to follow the guidance that we have in place on board to keep yourself and everyone around you, safe.

You must not travel at all if you:

You can see further advice and guidance about travelling safely at gov.uk 

We’re Clean 

Our buses and trams are thoroughly cleaned each evening so that they enter service completely sanitised each day. 

In addition, we have a dedicated cleaning team who you may spot boarding your bus mid-journey. This team are sanitising high touch areas such as grab rails, seat backs and stop buttons.  

Our trams are completely sanitised at the end of each journey, meaning every tram is freshly sanitised every 2 hours. 

Please always wash your hands for 20 seconds or use a hand sanitiser before and after using the bus or tram. 

We’re Safe 

Customers must wear a face covering unless exempt. Read full information about face coverings including a full list of exemptions.

- We’re encouraging social distancing on board our services. 

- We've reduced the number of available seats so that you can spread out on the bus. 

- We're limiting the number of customers onboard at any one time. 

- We're asking customers to remain seated until the bus or tram stops so that customers don't wait in the aisle. 

- We're asking customers to board one at a time, remaining 2 metres apart where possible and 1 metre plus if not. 

- We're asking customers to use all available space, including the upper-deck of our buses. 

You can purchase a face covering from your driver or conductor if you wish to do so for just £1. 

Wearing a face covering not only helps to prevent the spread of the virus, but it also reassures other customers on board of their own safety. If you are able to wear a face covering, please do so. 

Buying Your Tickets 

Where possible we are asking all customers to buy their ticket with a contactless-enabled card / device or in advance on our mobile app or website. You can buy all of our great value saver tickets and keep them safely on your mobile. 

If you can't use our mobile app, we are accepting cash as a last resort. If you can, please use the correct change to minimise unnecessary contact. 

You won't receive a ticket from your bus driver if you buy a single journey ticket or if you are using a concessionary travel pass. This is to limit unnecessary contact. 

If you purchase your ticket onboard one of our trams, the conductor will ask if you require a ticket for any reason and if not, you won't be issued with one. 

If the Bus or Tram is Full 

As we're limiting the number of customers on our services for your safety, you may encounter a bus or tram displaying a 'sorry, bus/tram full' message. 

If you are unfortunately unable to board the service you will need to wait for the next. We appreciate how inconvenient this may be, but your safety is our priority. If you do experience this, please contact us to let us know so that we can see if we can increase journeys on this route. 

If the last bus of the day is full, we will provide an additional service to get you home. It is extremely unlikely that this will happen, but if it does our team will do their best to help. 

We’re Here When You Need Us 

Who Can Travel by Public Transport?

Following the latest government guidance, people from outside the local area can travel with us.

If you are travelling with us, most of our services are running as frequently as they did before the pandemic. 

We're running enough services for the number of customers travelling with us right now and as this changes,your timetables will change to reflect demand from our customers. If there are journeys that you need to make but might be having some difficulty doing so, make sure to get in touch and let our teams know. You can always view our latest timetables online or on our mobile app.  

Of course, please do not travel if you: 

You can see further advice and guidance about travelling safely at gov.uk 

Quieter Journey Times 

Our services are currently at their busiest during commutes to school and to work. If you can, you should avoid travelling at these times to maximise the opportunity for you to socially distance. Before 08:00, and after 17:30 are currently the quietest times to travel. 

Assistance For Those With A Disability 

You shouldn't experience any major differences in the way in which you travel with us if you have a disability. We have closed some seats on the services to enforce social distancing, but priority seating remains available, as does the wheelchair space(s). 

If you need additional assistance from the driver or conductor, they should still be able to help providing it is safe to do so. We have extra screens in place around the cab area to keep our drivers safe, but they are still available to assist you as much as possible. Similarly, if you require any assistance onboard one of our trams, our conductors have protective equipment and will be able to assist. 

If you are unsure or would like to speak to us before you travel, please contact our team.  

Lost Property 

Note that our customer centre is closed and any lost property collection will be by prior arrangement only whilst following strict social distancing guidelines. 

You can find further information about our Lost Property process here. 

Getting in Touch 

If you are unable to find your timetable, plan your journey, or want to understand more about the measures we have in place, you can talk to our friendly team in the following ways: 

- Contact us using live chat on our website between 09:00 - 17:00 

- Email us any time: [email protected] 

- Call us between 11:00 - 15:00 Monday to Friday 

- Talk to us on Twitter or Facebook 

- Write to us. Our address is: Blackpool Transport, Rigby Road, Blackpool, FY1 5DD. 

Our customer centre on Market Street has now closed. Paper copies of timetables are available from most Tourist Information Centres.