We're Adding More Tram Journeys

1 month ago Thu 6th May 2021

Now the UK is progressing along the government's roadmap for reopening. We are increasing the frequency of our Tram service as well as adding later running trams to keep you moving.

Our tram service will begin at 05:00 with the last Tram leaving Fleetwood Ferry at 00:15.

Trams will run every 12 minutes during the day and every 20 minutes in the morning and evenings. 

View the Tram timetable from May 16th 

These increases come so you can continue to make your journeys safely. We're here to provide a dependable service and to be here for our customers as people return to work and school.

If you have not travelled with us in a while, you might not know of the measures we have put in place to keep you safe.

  1. Only the middle doors will open when you're getting on and off the tram. There are floor markings on our busier platforms to help with social distancing and you should keep a safe space between yourself and others when waiting to board the tram.
  2. There are fewer seats available and you should only sit in a seat that isn't closed. If you're travelling with a member of your household, or you need to sit next to the person you are with, then this is perfectly fine. Please do your best to keep a safe distance from other customers.
  3. Less customers will be allowed on the tram for everyone's safety. We will do our best to manage the number of people on our trams but in busier periods, it's important that you keep a safe distance where you can and avoid sitting or standing too close to other customers.

Its been quite the ride since the first lockdown and our staff have been here throughout, we have dedicated cleaners across the network to ensure your bus is as hygienic as it can be, as well as plenty of safety precautions on all our services, see what we're doing to keep you safe during your essential travels.

Your journeys are important to us, so if our teams can help with planning, timetables or further information, please feel free to get in touch.