Upgrading your Service 74 & 75

6 months ago Wed 31st Aug 2022

We're making improvements to your service 74 & 75 bus routes from Sunday 4th September.

Our service 74 will soon be serving the Fleetwood Esplanade, every day of the week!

Thanks to the feedback we have received from Fleetwood residents wishing for more connectivity along the Esplanade and in partnership with Lancashire County Council, we have been able to upgrade these routes for a more connected Fleetwood. Our service 74 will start to serve the Esplanade, including Marine Hall, YMCA and Fleetwood Sea Cadets, the 74 will also serve Affinity Shopping Outlet on days it is open. See the new route map for both services here.

We have also made changes to both the 74 & 75 timetables with the aim to increase reliability for both services, click to see the new service 74 timetables or the service 75 timetables in a downloadable PDF version or, see the online timetable from Sunday 4th September here.

Here are the changes to the service 74 route from Sunday 4th September.

Travelling to Fleetwood, the 74's route is unaffected until Fisherman's Walk, where it will use Station Rd and Anchorge Rd to serve Affinity Shopping Outlet. From here the 74 will use Station Rd, Lord St, Pharos St, North Church St and terminating along the Esplanade at Rossall Point.

Travelling to Preston, the 74 will start from Rossall point on the Esplanade and use the above route in reverse, serving Fleetwood Affinity Outlet and returning to its original route at Fisherman's Walk.

Fleetwood Affinity Outlet will only be served on the days it is open, outside of these days, the 74 will use Lord Street & Lofthouse Way instead of Station Rd.