The £2 Single Adult Fare Cap

1 month ago Tue 13th Dec 2022

In September, the government announced a new incentive for public transport customers by capping single adult journey bus fares at £2 from 1 January 2023 until 31 March 2023.

From January, we will be taking part in the government’s scheme to help customers pay less to travel by bus this winter, meaning that all of our single adult bus fares will be £2 per journey no matter where you travel to or from. This fare cap includes travel on our tendered 74 and 75 services between Fleetwood and Preston, so for short hops into town or a wider adventure further afield, your single fare will be just £2. Fares under £2 will stay the same.

As the scheme does not extend to light rail travel, we are unable to offer the capped fares on our trams. Additionally, the prices of our range of saver tickets will not change, however, our best value saver ticket currently offers travel from under £2.10 per day, already an excellent option for regular customers.

To purchase the capped £2 fare on our buses, ask your driver for a single fare to your destination. You can then pay onboard using contactless card payments or with cash.

You can also simply tap on and off using our tap, cap and go, readers. Your single fare will be capped at £2 and the cost of your day’s travel will be capped at £6.60.

Learn more about Tap, Cap and Go here.

If you’d like to learn more about the government scheme and take a look at the announcement in September, you can take a look here.

The fare capping period follows the National Bus Back Better scheme, the national strategy which will see your local bus services improve with the introduction of zero-emission buses for Blackpool next year. You can read more about those plans here

As ever, if our team can help you with your queries, journey planning or anything further, feel free to get in touch.