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**Update** Service Diversions during the Illuminations

159 days ago Mon 10th Sep 2018

Updated Monday 10th September 2018

**There is an update to our service 7 diversion during the Blackpool Illuminations. This is due to the closure of the roundabout on Talbot Road. Service 7 will now be running towards Cleveleys from Queen Street (Central Library).** 


On Fridays, Saturdays and every night during the October half-term (21 October – 3 November) our services 5, 6 and 7 will be running a split service to increase their reliability through the congestion in the town centre. Services 11 and 17 will also have a small change which will see them stop on New Bonny Street rather than Market Street. Changing the services in this way helps us to keep you moving throughout the illuminations.

To keep everything running as smoothly as possible we've also introduced a couple of changes to our Saturday timetables during this period to increase the reliability on our buses. A slight reduction to the frequency on services 3, 4, 7 and 11 on Saturdays means they will have more time during their route to beat the congestion in the town and get you where you want to be. Service 1 will be finishing service a little earlier too due to the traffic levels along the promenade.

The split services (service 5, 6 & 7 only) will begin at 6pm until the end of service every Friday & Saturday between 7 September to 20 October.
They will begin at 5pm daily between 21 October to 3 November.

.A free shuttle bus to help you travel across the town centre will run regularly. Just ask your driver where to catch the shuttle bus from.

Service 5 to Victoria Hospital, Service 6 to Grange Park & Service 7 to Cleveleys will all terminate on the New Bonny Street near Coral Island.
You’ll need to change buses and catch the bus from the town centre stops for your onward journey.

Service 5 to Halfway House and Service 6 to Mereside will terminate at temporary stops in St John's Square, and Service 7 to Lytham will terminate on Queen Street (Central Library).

To continue your onward journey, you’ll need to change buses and catch the bus from New Bonny Street, opposite Coral Island for your onward journey.
You’ll still be able to buy single fares for your entire journey so you won’t have to pay any extra. 

Services 3 & 4 will be diverting between Friday 19 October and Saturday 3 November in the Bispham area. This is due to anticipated traffic congestion with the beginning of the school half term holidays.

Friday 19 October and Saturday 20 October from 1800

Sunday 21 October to Saturday 03 November from 1700

Service 3 to Cleveleys will travel as normal to Warbreck Drive, before diverting via Cavendish Road, (temporary stops will be in place) Devonshire Road, Bispham roundabout, Ingthorpe Avenue and then return back to normal route.

Service 3 to Mereside will use its normal route to Bispham roundabout before turning left into Devonshire Road, right into Northgate, Cavendish Road (temporary stops in place on Northgate & at the junction of Cavendish Road & Warbreck Drive) then return to its normal route.

Service 4 to Cleveleys will use its normal route to Warbreck Drive then divert via Cavendish Road, (temporary stops in place), Devonshire Road, Bispham Roundabout, Red Bank Rd, Norcliffe Rd and return back to its normal route.

Service 4 to Mereside will use its normal route to Norcliffe Road (temporary stop) then divert via Redbank Road, Bispham roundabout, right onto Devonshire Road, right onto Northgate, Cavendish Road (temporary stops in place on Northgate & at the junction of Cavendish Road & Warbreck Drive) then return to its normal route.

Please expect delays and disruption to bus services throughout this period. Our teams are doing their best to stay on time but the unpredictability of traffic and congestions makes this very difficult. Please allow plenty of extra time for your journey.

We've put a handy list of stopping locations together which come into effect on Friday & Saturday evenings and each night during the half term holidays. (21 October to 3 November)

To keep up to date with the latest news and updates to services, download our app or follow us on Twitter!

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