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Things to do during the May Half Term ( Safely )

6 days ago Fri 22nd May 2020

We know that this year's May Half Term is not much different to any other day for the many of us staying alert and safe at home but it is a time to leave your teacher persona to one side and hopefully have some fun (safely!).

We've put together a list of things that you can do during this May half term whilst also being mindful of the current measures in place to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Nature Walks

Nature is all around us whether you live in a city or in the countryside. There are many things to see and many things to learn about in the towns and cities that we live in.

Why not take a walk (socially distanced of course!) around any parks, woods or forests near to your home? If you don't live near to any of these places, simply take a walk around the block and have a look at what you can see, we bet you'll be surprised!

There's plenty of trails, information and resources available for you to do with your children which will teach them (and maybe you!) about the things that live around us.

There's lots of fun and interesting activities that you can do with the whole family over on the RSPB website.

Whilst you're out and about, why not spot how many bus numbers you can see? You could turn these into some fun maths quizzes and multiply, add or subtract them!

Arts and Crafts

Be it glueing and sticking, glittering collages or even helping to upcycle some old furniture, there's plenty to keep young minds occupied during the 'school holidays'. Why not team up and build a den or snug for those cosy reading times or a castle to defend against the Minecraft hordes?

Whatever you choose to make, we'd love to see it! Share it with us on Facebook or Twitter so we can check out your masterpieces!

We'd love it even more if you made one especially for us so, why not have a go at designing your own bus, tram or even Blackpool Transport Uniform? Who knows, your design could be used one day!

Bring the Movies, to the Couch!

Why not bring some of that cinema magic into your front room? Comfy seats, darkened rooms, popcorn and of course sweets will help you bring the cinema experience without needing to attend!

What's your favourite Disney movie? Why not share some of those iconic films with some younger children and settle down for family movie day or night. With free trials for most streaming apps, it's even easier to watch something new or revisit the classics.

Don't forget your tickets!


We know right, the thought of being up and at them with Joe Wicks and family early in the morning does not sit well with some of us, but it doesn't have to be that intense!

Why not take a walk, play some sports games in the back yard or simply get up and dance? There's plenty of ways to get those bodies moving and as we hopefully move into some warmer weather you might start to notice some budding gymnasts or pop stars along the way!

If you do like a more structured approach to your fitness then the BBC has some great tips and tricks with Joe over on their Newsround page.

Even better, why not pick a random bus route from our Plan Your Journey section and set off on an adventure along one of our bus routes on foot!

Let us Know! 

We know this is just a small selection of things that you can take part in during the coming weeks but we'd love to see what you get up to! Don't forget to let us know via Facebook or Twitter what you've been up to during the holidays.

Above all else, Stay Safe.

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