Tap&Go FAQ's

Fast, Flexible and so Easy! Contactless Tap&Go payments arrive on all Blackpool Transport buses from Sunday 14 March. 

We’ve answered some of the questions you might have below but if you’ve any queries that aren’t listed, please do get in touch.

Do all cards work? 

For your card to work with our Tap&Go machines they must be contactless enabled. 

Most bank cards now have contactless payments enabled but look out for the contactless symbol on your card that looks like this. 

Contactless payment symbol

Can I Tap&Go using Google or Apple Pay? 

Yes, if your device is set up with Google or Apple pay, you can use this to Tap&Go.

What happens if I forget to Tap Off? 

Our machines know if you’ve crossed one of our zones along your journey so making sure to tap off means you’ll be charged the correct lowest fare for your journey.  

If you forget to tap off, you’ll be charged our maximum fare of £2.40 regardless of where you’ve travelled from and to. If you do forget to tap off, get in touch with our team.

Tap&Go will charge you the correct lowest fare for each individual journey. If you want to benefit from even better value travel, you can purchase a range of saver tickets from your driver using contactless payments. 

Will my fares be ‘capped’ if I travel frequently?

Yes! Your single journeys will be capped at the price of a day ticket. Once you have reached the daily limit, any journeys made after that within 24 hours from your first journey won't cost you a penny. See how daily capping works.

What if my phone or device runs out of battery before I tap off? 

If your phone or payment device runs out of battery, you will be charged the maximum fare for your journey because you haven’t been able to tap off. 

If that happens, get in touch with our team.

Can I use my card for more than one person? 

You can only use one contactless card or device per person. Each other person will need their own contactless device or card. 

Can I Tap&Go on the trams? 

No, we are not looking to introduce Tap&Go on our trams at this time as a single flat fare is in operation. Contactless payments are coming soon for you to use when paying for your single fare. 

Does my smartphone or watch need to be connected to WiFi or 4g? 

Nope! Don’t worry about internet connections, just make sure you’ve set up Android or Apple pay on your device. 

Can my child Tap&Go? 

Currently, our Tap&Go systems issue Adult fares only. All child single fares are just £1.20 and can be purchased from your driver.