1 year ago Thu 4th Mar 2021

Fast, Flexible and so Easy! Contactless Tap&Go payments arrive on all Blackpool Transport buses from Sunday 14 March. 

Note that contactless is also available on our trams! Find out more.

On Sunday 14 March, we’re introducing a fast and flexible way to pay for your single bus fares using your contactless card or device.  

Similar to the tap in/out system in London, Tap&Go means that you won’t need to plan ahead on which ticket to buy. You will always pay the correct and lowest fare for your single journey. Best of all? It’s so easy! 

Tap&Go logo with 'Not sure how often you'll travel this week' question

How does it work? 

When you board the bus, simply tap your contactless payment card or device onto the contactless payment machine in front of your driver. You won’t need to ask your driver for a ticket but smiles and cheery hellos are welcome! 

No need to say where you’re going and no worry if you change your mind, simply take your seat and enjoy the ride. 

When you’re leaving the bus, tap the same card or device you used when you boarded the bus on the ‘tap out’ reader. You will be charged the correct and lowest fare for your single journey every time.  

Tap&Go travel is for Adult single fares only. If you need a Child or Young Person ticket, simply ask your driver and pay onboard using contactless payments or in cash.

Do you Tap&Go often? If so you might be able to Benefit from our Flexi10 tickets. A bundle of 10 single tickets for the price of 8, so you can continue to save money on your infrequent journeys. Check out our range of Flexi10 tickets here.

Have a look at our Single fares zonal map here and be confident in the cost of your trip before you board.

When travelling on our services 74 and 75 routes between Fleetwood and Preston, there is a different faretable in operation. Using Tap&Go will still charge you the correct fare for your journey and you can see the list of fares for these services here.

A few things to remember… 

Tap&Go travel really is easy but there are a few things to remember to make your journey seamless every time!  

  1. Remember to 'tap out’ when you leave, otherwise, you’ll be charged the highest possible fare for your journey.   

  2. You must tap using the same card or device when you get on and when you get off, otherwise, you’ll be charged twice. 

  3. Keep your contactless card away from your phone when scanning a mobile ticket so that the machine does not take a payment. Tap in and out using the same device, don’t switch between your card, a mobile and a smart watch. Each device has a different card number and will not link if you swap. 

  4. Keep your cards separate when you tap to make sure the payment works and is taken from the right card. 

  1. If you want a specific ticket, ask your driver before tapping. This stops automatic Tap&Go payments from being taken. 

  1. If you’re taking advantage of our mobile app, activate your ticket and make sure your QR code is showing before you scan.  
    This stops your phone using Apple or Android pay on the machine and getting charged a fare. 

  1. Tap in and out using the same device, don’t switch between your card, a mobile and a smart watch. Each device has a different card number and will not link if you swap. 

  2. If your travelling with a concessionary pass, keep it separate from your bank cards so you are not charged for your journey.

As well as the handy tips above, we’ve put together some frequently asked questions so you’ve got everything you need for fast and flexible journeys. 

If you have a question we haven’t yet answered, get in touch with our team so that we can help.