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Supporting Longview Animal Centre

3 months ago Thu 26th Sep 2019

We've recently been offering our support to the Blackpool and North Lancs branch of the RSPCA, the Longview Animal Centre based in Stalmine along our service 2C bus route. After an initial visit by our Marketing Manager Shane Grindey to see how exactly we could help, members of our team travelled to the centre onboard a Palladium bus.

The idea was simple but heart-warming, an opportunity to give the dogs, who currently live at the centre, the chance to hop on board a bus and familiarise themselves with their surroundings ready for a possible bus journey on their way to a new home. As part of their rehoming process dogs at the centre are typically familiarised with car travel, so why not extend this to bus travel too?

Familiarisation at the RSPCA

Longview Animal Centre does not only help pooches, however, in fact a young cat by the name of Lacey took such a journey to her new home after captivating and subsequently being adopted by Shane during his first meeting with the team! She's settling into her new home nicely and is certainly very happy with the arrangement

Rspca cat

It wasn’t only Lacey who grabbed the attention of the Blackpool Transport team... a little chap by the name of Rocket, blasted his way into Managing Director Jane Cole’s heart as she joined in with the familiarisation session.

Rocket had been with the RSPCA for 9 months whilst the lovely staff, volunteers and vet helped him to a place where he could be released for adoption. He had, unfortunately, been rescued from a situation where he had not been well looked after or cared for over a long period of time.

Jane waiting for the bus with Rocket

Jane said “Although his recovery will take some time I expect him to be able to enjoy his retirement. Rocket now has a loving home with his two new doggie pals Romeo and Honey and I will continue to administer his medication and treatment until he is well enough to stand on his own two (four) feet”.

If like both Jane and Shane, you’d like to make a difference to the life of an animal at the Longview Animal Centre then hop on board a service 2C bus and take a trip to visit these wonderful animals. Unfortunately the centre is at full capacity with a long list of animals waiting to be rehomed. You can learn more about the centre and what they do here too -



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