Subscription Freeze FAQs

How do I subscribe to saver tickets on the BTS app? 

Here's an example of subscribing to a 30-day adult ticket.

Step 1: Download the Blackpool Transport app. Click here for Apple and Android links

Step 2: Under 'Mobile Tickets', click 'Child', 'Young Person' or 'Adult Tickets' (below). 

click adult tickets

Step 3: Click 'Buy Now' on the 30-day Adult ticket, for example, you will see the subscription price and one-off payment price.

click 30 day adult

Step 4: Select 'Subscription'.

click subscription

Step 5: Click 'Buy Ticket' and you're all done! 

click buy ticket

Which tickets can I freeze my fares on? 

Our 7-day and 30-day Child, Young Person and Adult tickets are available for the subscription price freeze. 

Do I need to renew my subscription each week/month? 

Your subscription will automatically renew unless you tell us otherwise, so you won’t need to worry about forgetting to renew. 

When does the money come out of my account? 

Payment will be taken from the day you purchase your first subscription ticket. For example, if you buy a 30-day ticket today, your next payment will be automatically taken in 30 days' time. Please note that if you activate your subscription ticket at a later date, payment will still be taken 30 days from when you first purchase a 30-day ticket.

What happens if I want to cancel my subscription? 

There is no minimum commitment or contract with our subscriptions, so you are free to cancel any time you want. 

What happens if I cancel my subscription then re-subscribe? 

If you cancel an existing subscription after 31st March 2024 and want to re-subscribe, your ticket will be at the new fare. 

I already use a 7-day or 30-day ticket but it runs out after 31st March. Can I still get the frozen subscription fares?

We will have a grace period until 30th April for you to hop onboard with a frozen subscription. 

Are £2 singles affected? 

Adult single bus tickets will remain at £2 until 31st December 2024 in line with the Government’s £2 Fare Cap.

How long will the subscription price be frozen for? 

We reserve the right to change ticket fares at any time.