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Staying Safe When Travelling With Us

2 weeks ago Mon 11th May 2020

Your health and safety and the health and safety of our teams continue to be our number one priority. With some businesses now reopening, we anticipate that some people will come back to using our services.

We want to make sure you are aware of all of the measures that are in place when travelling with us and also, the actions that we ask you to adhere to.

We know that some our services are running differently during the current climate and our timetables have changed but you can continue to keep up to date with any service changes, plan your journey or view all of the timetables currently in operation via visiting the journey section on our website or by using our mobile app.

As always, we ask that you only travel with us, if it is absolutely necessary.

We continue to maintain our high standard of hygiene and cleanliness at all levels of our business. Each and every bus is cleaned thoroughly each evening ready for the following day, and we have a dedicated team of cleaners boarding buses mid-journey to sanitise high touch areas. 

What have we put in place?

Catching the bus

When waiting to catch one of our services we remind you to observe social distancing at all times in and around the bus shelter. We have put reminder notices in some bus shelters to encourage people to be considerate of others and to stay 2m apart. 

This also applies when boarding our buses, please board one at a time leaving plenty of room between yourselves and other passengers.

An illustration on overcrowding and encouragement wording to advise on social distancing

Paying your fare

When you've boarded the bus, you may notice that we have installed larger protective screens in our driver cabs. Please speak clearly when letting your driver know where you are headed and where possible, please use our mobile app to buy your tickets. This helps us provide fully contactless travel.

If you cannot use our mobile app, we have introduced a reduced single fare for £1.50. Please wherever possible pay this fare with the correct change, this helps us avoid unnecessary contact and the need for coins to be exchanged.

If you are using a concessionary pass to travel, please show this to the driver. You do not need to place your pass on the machine. The driver will issue your fare manually. You won't receive a ticket.

Once you have paid your fare, please take your seat whilst still observing social distancing, you will not receive a ticket for your journey to minimise any contact whilst travelling unless you purchase one of our saver ticket options.

Image of a phone and some cash and the wording to pay by our mobile app wherever possible

Whilst onboard

When travelling with us you will notice that we are displaying a lot of messaging reminding people to practise good and safe hygiene. We are using our onboard announcements, our bus screens and onboard notices to display these messages.

  • We have increased our vehicle cleaning procedures taking place throughout your journey, and you may see a team member boarding your bus in the town centre to ensure that they are sanitised and cleaned 'mid-journey'. 
  • The government encourages everybody to wear a face covering when travelling by public transport. This is not a requirement but we would strongly urge you to do so. You can purchase a mask from your driver if you wish to do so for just one pound. For each mask sold we will donate 50p to our NHS.
  • We are starting to close some seats on our buses to encourage social distancing, and we have increased the signage onboard so that customers can play their part in keeping everybody safe.

An illustration of a person wearing a mask with wording avising you can purchase these from your drive for £1

Taking increased care of your own personal hygiene and cleanliness is still the best preventative measure. Customers that absolutely must travel should:

  • Frequently clean your hands in soap and water, or with an alcohol-based hand rub.
  • If you cough or sneeze, please cover your mouth and nose with a flexed elbow or tissue – throw the tissue away immediately and wash your hands. 
  • Avoid contact with anyone who has a fever or cough.
  • Avoid contact with ‘high touch’ areas other than where it is necessary to do so, such bell push buttons, handrails and surfaces etc.
  • Customers, where possible, can use our mobile app when travelling to avoid the sharing of notes and coins.
  • If you experience difficulty breathing, have a high temperature or cough, please stay at home and contact a medical advisor by phone.

An illustation of cleaning material with wording advising that a dedicated cleaning team board services mid journey

When you reach your destination and leave the bus, please remain seated until the bus stops and ensure that you follow the distance notices and do not stand close to the driver's cab area before you get off. 

We're taking every possible step we can to keep you safe, but please respect other customers and only use our services if you need to. 

We will continue to actively monitor any guidelines set out by the government and will continue to put measures in place where necessary to make your journeys with us as safe as they possibly can be. If you would like to speak to us about any of these changes, please contact the team or use our online live chat facility.

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