Single Fares

Our single fares offer better value than ever before, making it easy to hop on board and know exactly how much your fare will be. If you're just travelling once or twice this week, single fares are for you. See our full fare list here.

Paying For Your Bus Fare

Our bus network is split into two zones, blue and green.

The fares are simple;

  • Make a journey that stays in either the blue zone or green zone and your single fare will cost just £2.10.
  • Take a journey that crosses between the two zones, and your journey will cost £2.60.

Take a look at our Zonal network map to see which zone your journey starts and ends in.

See our services in detail via our Service Network Map.

You can pay for your single fares onboard using:

  • Contactless: Simply tell your driver where you want to go and tap your contactless card or device when prompted.
  • Tap&Go: Don't worry about changing your mind or knowing your zones, simply tap on when you board at the driver's machine, tap off when you leave at the machine to your left and always pay the correct lowest fare for your journey.
  • Cash: If you need to pay with cash, simply tell your driver where you want to go. Please try to use the correct change where possible.
  • Flexi10: A bundle of 10 single tickets for the price of 8. If you travel with us, but not often enough to benefit from our saver tickets then these are perfect for you. Available via the mobile app, these tickets will sit in your app's ticket wallet for when you're ready to travel.

Our bus services 74 and 75 use a separate fare structure when they leave the areas shown on our network map. These fares are set by Lancashire County Council and you can view them here to plan your journey.

Paying For Your Tram Fare

Travelling by tram? All single journeys cost just £2.60, no matter how far you travel. That's right, travel anywhere between Starr Gate and Fleetwood for £2.60 per journey. You can grab a return ticket onboard for £4.50.

You can now pay for your tram fare with your contactless-enabled card/device! When asking the conductor for your fare, tap your card/device on the card reader when presented, making simple travel, simpler. Read more about contactless on trams here.

Don't worry cash users, we still accept cash onboard our trams.

Child Fares

Our child fares are simple too with children aged 5-15 travelling for just £1.30 on any bus or tram single fare journey or £2.50 for a return ticket.

You can pay for your child fare with contactless on both our bus or tram services. Please do not Tap&Go if you are buying a child fare as this will charge you an adult price, just ask your driver before you tap.

Dog Fares

Travelling with a dog? Purchase a Rover24 for £1 for 24 hours of unlimited travel for your pooch from ticket activation or pay 60p for a single trip. Guide dogs and recognised assistance dogs can travel free.

Simply ask your driver or conductor on board.

Travelling More Often?

If you're travelling three days a week or more, our saver tickets offer you the most cost-effective way to pay for your journeys.

All terms and conditions relating to our single fares can be found within our Conditions of Carriage.