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Coronavirus: information for customers

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Fleetwood to Starr Gate

Important Update to our Tram Services

22nd Mar onwards

On Sunday 22 March there will be a change to our tram service to ensure we can keep running a reliable service for our customers. Monday to Friday, trams will continue to operate along the whole tramway and will now run every 30 minutes as of Sunday 22 March. The first tram of the day will now leave Starr Gate at 05:15 and then every 30 minutes after. The first tram will leave Fleetwood Ferry at 06:15. On Saturday's the first tram of the day will  leave Starr Gate at 06:15 and Fleetwood Ferry at 07:15 with a 30 minute service running after. On Sunday's the first tram of the day will continue to leave Starr Gate at 07:15 and Fleetwood Ferry at 08:15 with a 30 minute service running after. Trams will also finish a little earlier in the evening with the last tram leaving Starr Gate at 21:15 and running back from Fleetwood Ferry at 22:15. We understand that this is earlier than usual but does reflect the number of customers travelling after these times. These changes will come into effect from the start of service on Sunday 22 March and will be in place until further notice. Our teams are doing their very best to keep you moving during these difficult circumstances so thank you for your patience whilst they work hard to get you where you need to be.

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Our buses should leave main stops no later than 5 minutes past the scheduled time, and no earlier than 1 minute before. Drivers use main stops to keep running on time, but stops in between these are only estimates and drivers are not asked to wait at these stops. We do our best to run our buses ​on​ time, but please allow plenty of time to catch the bus and any connections as not everything is within our control.