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Blackpool Town Centre to Lytham (Saltcotes Road)
Service Diversions during the Illuminations

7th Sep - 4th Nov

Each evening between October 21 and November 03 our services 5, 6 and 7 will be running a split service from 5pm to increase their reliability through the congestion in the town centre. Services 11 and 17 will also have a small change which will see them stop on New Bonny Street rather than Market Street. Changing the services in this way helps us to keep you moving throughout the illuminations. The last 2 journeys for our service 20 to Blackpool Zoo will also leave from New Bonny Street at 1715 & 1745 To keep everything running as smoothly as possible we've also introduced a couple of changes to our Saturday timetables during this period to increase the reliability on our buses. A slight reduction to the frequency on services 3, 4, 7 and 11 on Saturdays means they will have more time during their route to beat the congestion in the town and get you where you want to be. A free shuttle bus to help you travel across the town centre will run regularly. Just ask your driver where to catch the shuttle bus from.

Talbot Road Stops Closed

12th Sep - 5th Nov

On Tuesday 11 September the works in the town centre will extend to the Talbot Road junction outside Wilko. This means that none of our services will be able to use the stops on Talbot Road outside Wilko and opposite Wilko. Our services will also change the way they travel around the town centre due to having no access to the roundabout in front of Wilko. Services 2 / 2C / 12 / 18 / 19 - You can catch these services from their regular stops on Abingdon Street in the town centre. Services 3 & 4 - You can catch these services towards Mereside at Central Library. To Cleveleys, you will be able catch them at their regular stop on Dickson Road or a temporary stop outside the Co-op in St John's Square. Services 5 & 7 - You can catch both of these services on Clifton Street towards Blackpool Victoria Hospital (5) or Cleveleys (7). If your heading towards Halfway House (5) or Lytham (7) then you can catch both services on Market Street. Service 6 - You'll be able to board the service 6 to Grange Park from it's stop on Corporation Street. Heading to Mereside? The 6 will stop on Market Street. Service 9 & 14 - Usual stop for services 9 and 14, you can board them from outside Central Library. Services 7 & 11 - No change here either, you can catch your bus on Market Street as usual. Please remember that on Fridays and Saturdays during the illuminations, some of our services will be diverted in the town centre. Please check before you travel. The promenade and Tramway will continue to be unaffected during this time.

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Our buses should leave main stops no later than 5 minutes past the scheduled time, and no earlier than 1 minute before. Drivers use main stops to keep running on time, but stops in between these are only estimates and drivers are not asked to wait at these stops. We do our best to run our buses ​on​ time, but please allow plenty of time to catch the bus and any connections as not everything is within our control.