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Fleetwood to Blackpool via Layton
Services 6, 9 and 14 Diversion - Corporation Street Transport Hub Works

15th Jul onwards

As part of the Making Blackpool Better plans, there are works due to be carried out on Corporation Street meaning a change to where some of your services will be stopping. These works form Phase 2 of the update to the town centre 'Transport Hub' and will provide more space for buses to stop and wait in the town centre, in turn making it even easier for you to connect with other services and continue your journey. During the upgrade, the three services currently stopping on Corporation Street (6, 9 and 14) will have a change to where they are stopping. Services 9 and 14 can be caught from Central Library/Queen Street during the upgrade works. Service 6 can be caught from the bus stop on Corporation Street outside the Town Hall/Police Counter during the works.

Diversion on the 12 & 14

31st Aug onwards

Due to works taking place on Norcross Roundabout from 20:00 on Saturday 31 August, our services 12 and 14 will be diverting. This means the services will not be able to use any of the stops on Fleetwood Road South between the Castle Gardens and Norcross Roundabout. The service 14 towards Fleetwood will use it’s normal route to the Castle Gardens before turning right onto Poulton Road, continuing through Poulton Centre via Breck Road to the River Wyre pub and then travelling via Amounderness Way back to normal route at Four Lane Ends. The service towards Blackpool will use this diversion in reverse. There will be extra buses serving this route during the diversion but make sure to check your timetable for any changes. You will be able to catch your service 14 from outside the Castle Gardens (front) or from the Neville Drive, bus stops. The service will also stop at any bus stop along the diversion route. There will be a free shuttle service running from Sunday 01 September between the Castle Gardens and Fleetwood Road South via Arundel Drive which you can catch from a temporary stop near Carleton Green Primary School. The shuttle will drop you off at a Service 14 bus stop for your onward journey. Service 12 will not be able to serve the Castle Gardens, Fleetwood Road South or Poulton during this time. To travel to Baines High School from these locations, you will need to catch the service 14 from the Castle Gardens / Neville drive to Poulton making sure to change to the 08:30 service 2 in Poulton Town Centre to ensure you arrive at school on time. If you travel to Baines High School from any stop other than the ones listed above you will be able to catch your service 12 from your normal stop to school. To travel to Hodgson High School from the area where the road is closed, you will need to catch the service 14 to the Moorland Road end stops on Breck Road from the Castle Gardens / Neville Drive bus stops.  If you are travelling to Hodgson High School from any stop other than the ones listed above you will be able to catch your service 12 from your normal stop which will take you to the school gates during this diversion. Service 12 times will alter during this diversion so make sure to check the timetable before you travel. To travel to Hodgson High School, you will need to catch the service 14 to the Moorland Road end stops on Breck Road from the Castle Gardens / Neville Drive bus stops.

Blackpool Illuminations - Diversions and Split Service

31st Aug onwards

On Fridays, Saturdays and every night during the October half-term (20 October – 2 November) our services 5, 6 and 7 will be running a split service to help keep you running on time during Blackpool's busiest time of year. Services 11 and 17 will also have a small change which will see them stop on New Bonny Street rather than Market Street. To keep everything running as smoothly as possible we've also introduced some changes to our timetables as well during this period to help buses run on time. Most routes will have extra time in the timetables so they have more time during their route to beat the congestion in the town and get you where you want to be. Service 3, 4, 9 & 11 have a slightly reduced frequency on Saturday's so they have the time they need to run on time as much as possible. Service 1 will be finishing service a little earlier due to the traffic levels along the promenade. The split services (service 5, 6 & 7 only) will begin at 6pm until the end of service every Friday & Saturday between 31 August and 19 October. They will then begin at 5pm daily from 20 October to 2 November. A free shuttle bus to help you travel across the town centre will run regularly. Just ask your driver where to catch the shuttle bus from. Service 5 to Victoria Hospital, Service 6 to Grange Park & Service 7 to Cleveleys will all terminate on the New Bonny Street near Coral Island. You’ll need to change buses and catch the bus from the town centre stops for your onward journey. Service 5 to Halfway House and Service 6 to Mereside will terminate at temporary stops in St John's Square, and Service 7 to Lytham will terminate opposite Wilko on Talbot Road. To continue your journey, you’ll need to change buses and catch the bus from New Bonny Street, opposite Coral Island. You’ll still be able to buy single fares for your entire journey so you won’t have to pay any extra. Services 3 & 4 will be diverting between Friday 20 October and Saturday 2 November in the Bispham area. This is due to anticipated traffic congestion with the beginning of the school half-term holidays. Check the service updates page for specific information on the 3 & 4 diversion.

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Our buses should leave main stops no later than 5 minutes past the scheduled time, and no earlier than 1 minute before. Drivers use main stops to keep running on time, but stops in between these are only estimates and drivers are not asked to wait at these stops. We do our best to run our buses ​on​ time, but please allow plenty of time to catch the bus and any connections as not everything is within our control.