Return To Education - Covid-19 Edition

2 months ago Thu 20th Aug 2020

With school only round the corner after an extra long summer holiday, we know it might feel strange going back or starting school with a new normal in place.

Face coverings, hand sanitiser and social distancing are some of the things we have all had to add into our routine. If you’re a bit unsure about travelling again, let us help you out.


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Due to the pandemic, hygiene is as important as ever- on the bus, in school or at college. Head here to view the changes we have made to your services to help keep you as safe as possible. Carrying hand sanitiser with you is a great way of sanitising  whenever you have been in a public space but other things such as coughing into tissue or your elbow and frequent hand washing also will go a long way to keep you safe.

Planning your journey plan your journey icon

It’s as simple as clicking a few buttons! Visit our mobile app or head to the Plan Your Journey section.

Using our journey planner, choose your start point and destination and the quickest and easiest travel options will show. You can even select an exact time you want to depart or arrive at!

As another way to help you stay safe we have added a feature to our app so you can see how busy your bus is. Others on that bus can fill in a short survey to let you know if it is busy or not, allowing you to prepare in advance.

We also recommend checking your bus/tram timetable in advance, that way you can plan ahead and allow extra time for your journey. We are providing extra services where we can. If possible, travel as early as you can and avoid using the latest possible departure in order to arrive on time. 

If you need any help planning your journey, then you can contact us on Facebook or Twitter, use the live chat feature on our website or give us a call between 11am-3pm on 01253 473001.  

Check out our September school and college information article to really prepare for your return to education. 


Purchasing Tickets Payment jpeg

You can buy your tickets from a variety of places. Purchase tickets for yourself or others through our mobile app and website (reduce the handling of cash this way!) or at any PayPoint outlet. You can purchase your tickets on board our buses and trams in cash but please use this as a last resort.

It’s also even better value to buy your ticket on our mobile app or on our website.

Buying tickets for a child or young person? You can buy tickets online and have them sent directly to their mobile phone. Just make sure they have downloaded our mobile app and you’ll be able to send the ticket straight to their account. Feel free to check out the tickets on offer in advance here.



Whether its bus or tram we have things in place at the moment to ensure Covid-19 measures are maintained on board. This means there is a limit to the number of people that can board and some seats have signs on them to reduce close contact.

When our services are full they will display a ‘full’ sign at the front and at the side is so you may need to wait for the next bus or tram.

Please make sure to wear a face covering if you are able. There are a number of exceptions to this ruling and we do have exemption cards available, you can download them here.

Feel free to have a look at what were doing on board our services to help keep yourself, our staff and those around you safe. Click here!


Servicestimetable png

We have identified a number of morning and afternoon bus journeys which require additional resources to safely carry the number of anticipated children travelling by public transport, so there will be some extra bus services for some schools & colleges.

These additional services will be identifiable by an ‘x’ alongside the service number on the front destination blind of the bus, for example ‘14X’ instead of ‘14’. These journeys are available for use by school children only, and we ask that all pupils are encouraged to travel on these additional services where available. You can find out more about our X services here.

If you don’t know what services you need to catch you can plan your exact journey with our journey planner, it will tell you the fastest routes combining all our services and walking distance for an accurate estimated time, great for planning your journey.

services for schools

Lost property lost property png

We get it, everyone loses something in the first week going back, there’s just too much on our minds and it’s easy to misplace or leave an item along your journey. If you have lost something, then don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will do our best to retrieve and reunite you with your lost property. Follow this link to our contact us page.