Hop into the oversized world of Peter Rabbit: Explore and Play

The new interactive multi-sensory family attraction is based on the beloved award-winning animated TV series.

A 45-minute long adventure, use your rabbit-like skills and complete challenges which are located in themed zones throughout the exciting world to see if you've got what it takes to join the Secret Treehouse Club!

Splash into Jeremy Fisher's sensory pond

Use all of your senses to explore the home of Jeremy Fisher. Jump and splash around the pond, can you find the frogs and fishes hiding beneath the water? Play the lily pad drums or strum the musical reed grass to join Jeremy in making pond music. Discover nature with Lily Bobtail, find the insects and make them magically change colour.

My Mcgregor's Garden

Climb through the vegetable patch, squeeze through Mr McGregor's prize-winning carrots and whizz down the mudslide to escape from Mr McGregor.

Mr Bouncer's Invention workshop

To be a rabbit it is important that you understand the need for recycling, as human rubbish is the source of all precious inventions! Put on your x-ray specs to scan the garden for secret vegetables, see who is calling on the maze of hosepipe telephones and find out how Mr Bouncer has harnessed the power of radishes to create electricity!

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