Ride Contactless on the bus!

1 year ago Sun 28th Mar 2021

Ditch the Cash, Ride Contactless! 

2021 might not have started quite how we would have liked but don't worry, we've got this! 

You can now pay for your bus tickets using secure contactless payments onboard all of our buses. 

Ditch the cash ride Contactless wording on a yellow background with hands holding a phone and bank card with contactless symbols.

You can also pay your fare via contactless on our trams! Have a look at how it works here.

Contactless is a fast, easy and secure alternative to using cash for your journey. All you need is a contactless-enabled credit/debit card or smart device using Apple or Google Pay. 

No need to worry about carrying the right change for your fare, simply tap your contactless card or Android/Apple pay device once you've let your driver know where you'd like to go. 

Which tickets can I buy? 

Our contactless payment machines can accept payments up to the value of £100 so not only can you pay for your single fare, you can also buy all our saver tickets ( except 30-day tickets) and family/group tickets Unsure how our single fares work? Click here to read more and see our single fare zonal map.

If you need to purchase a 30-day ticket, you can do this quickly and easily online or via our mobile app and still benefit from simple and safe contactless journeys. 

Can I pay by chip and pin? 

Unfortunately not, our machines accept contactless card payments only however these payments offer the same level of security and protection as regular chip and pin payments and are much quicker. 

Will I get a receipt? 

You won't need a ticket from our driver if you are paying for a single fare, simply take your seat once you've paid. 

If you are purchasing one of our great value saver tickets, these will be printed and given to you. 

We know that sometimes you may need a receipt for your card payment. You can ask the driver for a printed card receipt and we’ll be able to give this to you as long as it’s within 2 minutes of your original transaction. If you need a receipt after this time, get in touch with our team so we can help. 

Can I still use cash? 

We are still accepting cash for your journey but please try and have the correct change ready before you board. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are doing all we can to ensure the safety of our customers and teams so if you can pay by contactless for your journey, please do so. You'll benefit from quick, easy and secure contactless journeys. 

We're changing how you board using a paper or mobile ticket

As part of our new contactless payment machines, we’re adding an extra level of security to our mobile and paper tickets.  
Instead of showing your ticket to the driver when you board, simply present your ticket under the QR code scanner and wait for a quick ‘beep’. Once the scanner beeps and the machine glows green, you’re all set, so take your seat!  
This will also make it quicker to board in most cases. If for any reason your ticket is declined, the driver will be able to let you know the reason why. This is normally the case if your ticket has expired, has been copied or isn’t valid for your journey. Don’t worry though, If you’ve got any questions, just ask your driver. 

Not every ticket will have a QR code on it so if yours doesn’t then don’t worry, just show your ticket to the driver as normal.  

Any more questions about using contactless payments for your journeys? Please get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to help or check out some further FAQs.