Myerscough College Services 400 and 853

6 months ago Fri 31st Dec 2021

From Tuesday 4 January, Blackpool Transport will be operating services 400 and 853 running to and from Myerscough College for students.


If you're a user of these services already, don't worry! Nothing will change in regard to your timetables or journeys. The only thing you will notice differently is travelling in style on one of our Palladium buses with free WiFi, onboard audio and video announcements and USB/Wireless charging facilities.

Services 400 and 853 are for Myerscough students only so you will still need to show our teams your Myerscough College pass or your bus pass. You can still pay for your single fares on board in cash or, use contactless for your journeys.

Only single fares, Myerscough bus passes or *Disabled ENCTS cards are accepted on these services, a single fare will be either £2.00, £2.50 or £3.00 depending on the distance travelled. No mobile app tickets, daily, weekly or 30 Day tickets can be used on the 400 or 853 as this is a contracted service to the college and separate from all our other bus services.

*If you own a Disabled ENCTS card then you can travel for £1.00 prior to 09:30 and free in the afternoon.

Your fares are listed on the timetable below, or you can apply for a college bus pass here.

You can find further information about all services that serve the college on the Myerscough College website.

If any of our team can help with planning your journeys or assist with any queries, please feel free to get in touch.


As we've mentioned, your timetables won't change and you can see them below. 


Service 400 timetables and fares chart


853 timetable and fares chart