Missing in Blackpool: Inside Our Lost Property Department.

10 months ago Thu 22nd Aug 2019

Please check your seats when leaving our vehicles

We've all done it, rushing to get off a bus or tram and leaving a purse, wallet or phone behind. However, our drivers and conductors have found some very odd items on our services, some that make you question how they could have been left behind in the first place!

In June alone our team collected 395 pieces of lost property, many of these being bank cards, keys and coats, but that's not all we find. False teeth, underwear and even a microwave are a few to mention. We've even had a pushchair (fortunately it was empty) left on our services!

Pram on bus

Not too long ago, this lovely pooch went for a bit of sightseeing as he hopped on a bus from Poulton to Blackpool town centre, the big softy received plenty of attention during his short time with us before his owner came to collect their mischevious pet.

lost dog

We're confident you probably won't be leaving any microwaves behind when travelling with us but please make sure to check your seat as you get off to ensure you've got all of your belongings. Whilst we're often very lucky and manage to reunite owners with their possessions, there are occasions where the item is lost for good. 

If you do leave any belongings behind on our vehicles, you'll need to wait until the following day so that our team can check whether it has been handed in. You can contact us via phone between 11am-3pm, but it's easier to fill in our contact form and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.