Directly behind the Rossall Coastal Defence Scheme, from Westway to Fairway, is the final stage of the new sea defence. The Larkholme Grasslands is a thriving ecological site with many rare species of flora and fauna that prosper in these natural surroundings. The grasslands are multi-faceted, as they add to the attractiveness of the new promenade and provide further flood-storage space.

A number of different types of seeds were used in the development of the grasslands, including native seeds that were collected from this area as well as three other original blends of seeds: Swale, Coastal Grassland & Bee-friendly.  Coastal weather conditions meant that seeds had to be planted at different intervals between June 2017 and May 2018. The site is designed to recreate the exact conditions that are essential for growing, and to attract a varied range of marine species; it is a listed Biological Heritage Site.

Colourful aluminium beacons, designed to represent blowing grass blades, illuminate the entrance to the Larkholme Grasslands. They were designed by British sculptor Stephen Broadbent, and depict the different types of grass that inhabitants of the grasslands depend on for survival. This offers both an educational and picturesque experience for residents and visitors to enjoy.

In addition to this, the grasslands feature hand-carved wooden artworks from local schoolchildren which were designed in a number of artist-led workshops, which also included poems and stories designed to bring the grasslands to life. These ideas built upon the stories already told in the Mythic Coast Artwork Trail, which directly links to The Sea Swallow children’s book by Gareth Thompson.

Wyre Council Rangers run a number of events and activities to promote the unique life boasted by this ecological park. It is hoped that the local community will take pride in the grasslands and that they will continue to thrive.

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