24th - 25th October

An unmissable opportunity to walk with a Triceratops, roar with T-Rex, scream with a Spinosaurus and run with a Raptor!

This interactive, family-friendly experience features life-like Dinosaurs, giant dinosaur eggs, prehistoric props, rangers and an opportunity to get up-close and personal with the most magnificent beasts to ever roam our planet!

  • ZEUS - The King of the Dinosaurs! Europe's largest walking T Rex Dinosaur! At 22ft long and reaching 12ft high, experience standing in front of a life-size T Rex!
  • RAPTOR - Watch out.. we cant guarantee naughty Ritchie Raptor will behave!
  • SPINOSAURUS - Prepare yourself to meet Spence, the wildest of all our Dinosaurs!
  • TANK the TRICERATOPS - The gentlest Giant - get face to face with our humorous Herbivore!
  • Meet our cute baby Dinosaurs
  • Ranger Training - Have you got what it takes to be a Ranger? Our chief ranger will teach your dino-mites how to train wild dinosaurs and what to do in an emergency situation- a dinosaur break out!
  • Meet Cory our Interactive Talking Dinosaur! He loves surprising passing humans by commenting on their appearance and talking directly to them. Before long, Cory will have the humans copying HIM! Children are fascinated by Cory and love to ask him questions!
  • Pose for Photos in front of our huge Jurassic Backdrop and life-size Dinosaur Props.
  • Climb inside Giant Dinosaur Eggs at the event and be sure to tag us in your posts using @hiredinosaurs and #JurassicEarth
  • Animatronic Roaring T Rex – Noisy Norman - he’s the noisiest of them all!


Limited spaces per slot due to social distancing - book early to avoid disappointment!

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Prices start from £10.00

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