Located right on Cleveleys seafront, the Jubilee Gardens is a peaceful open space that is perfect for families and friends to spend the day and relax. For children there are plenty of things to do including a playground which compromises of a a specially designed surface so they can play accident free alongside fields so they can have a run around. There’s also a skate park with various ramps and a multipurpose games court for the sportier in the family. The park has many modern facilities which makes it great regardless of if you just want to sit and relax or get active.

With various benches around the park you can choose to spend as little or as long as you like taking the time to relax, this is made even better with the view of Cleveleys beach that you get.

Jubilee Gardens is great for those who want a break from the fast paced atmosphere of Blackpool’s town centre but still want the enjoyment of being on the seafront.

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