Improving Your Services from Sunday 12 June 2022

2 years ago Wed 25th May 2022

We’re making some changes to improve the reliability of our buses on 12 June 2022.


From Sunday 26 June, our trams will run up to every 12 minutes Monday to Sunday with extra trams running at peak times throughout the summer. We’ll also have more of our colleagues back out on the tracks to help you hop on and off safely, be on hand to help with tickets and of course, use their excellent local knowledge to assist with your queries.   

We’ve listened to your feedback and we’re making changes based on this, as well as our own data, to make your services more reliable and consistent. Unfortunately, we can’t implement every single piece of feedback we get but that doesn’t mean your thoughts aren’t considered. Please continue to give us your feedback so we can continue to improve our service.  

There aren’t any changes to the frequency of our buses at this time, as we’re still matching the frequency of routes with customer demand. As more customers return to using the bus, and as we recruit more drivers, we hope to increase the frequency on some routes as they start to get busier. 

We're keeping the same great value fares so if you're travelling for a week, a month or the odd day in between we've got you covered. Check out our fare finder and always get the best value journeys.

Any changes to your services are listed below, as well as details on what this means for you and your journeys. 

Service 1  

We’re adding an extra bus to our service 1 route at the weekend as we know in the summer this service is busy and this will help us keep the service reliable. 

We’ll also be running a late-night service to get you home late at night. The new late-night service 1 will run at:  

23:30 and 01:30 from Starr Gate and 00:30 and 02:30 from Fleetwood. The 02:30 from Fleetwood will travel as far as Manchester Square.   

Normal fares apply to the late-night buses, and you will also be able to use all saver tickets onboard.   

Service 2  

To help our commuters, we will be running the current extra morning and afternoon trips for Baines School all year round.  

These services will run Monday to Friday at 07:30 Blackpool to Poulton and 08:00 & 15:00 Poulton to Blackpool.    

Service 5  

Following your feedback, we have made some changes to the service 5 route and added some extra time into the journey, to improve reliability. 

Following feedback from staff at Victoria Hospital, there are also changes to the first service on Saturday mornings with the first service arriving at the hospital at 07:25 and some further timetable changes in the evenings.  

Service 6  

We are adding an extra bus to service 6 to improve its reliability. There will also be additional trips to Peel Park, two in the morning and two in the afternoon.  

Service 7  

Again, following your feedback, we’ve tweaked the timetable of our service 7 so that we can try and keep the service running reliably and on time for you.    

Service 9  

We know that Service 9 has been less reliable than normal in recent months, in fact we have experienced every 1 in 10 buses, unfortunately, running late so, we’re fixing that. 

We’re adding more time into each journey which should make this route as reliable as ever again. Keep letting us know if you’re still experiencing any issues.   

Service 11  

Following feedback from our drivers about some of the timings on this route, we’re adding some time into your service 11 journeys. This extra time will help the reliability of our service 11 and give it more chance to catch up if we’re experiencing any heavy traffic or other obstacles that can affect your journeys. 

Service 17  

We’ve ever so slightly tweaked your timetable on service 17, giving the service a little bit more time to keep it as reliable as you need it to be. 

Any services we've not mentioned above will see no change to their timetables, running times or frequencies.