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Getting to and from Lytham Festival

12 Days Ago 3rd Jul

Lytham Festival Stage

Heading to Lytham Festival this year?

Between Pete Tong, Steps and Il Divo there’s going to be plenty going on at Lytham Festival between the 16th and 22nd of July. Since 2009 Lytham Festival has been dedicated to providing people with great music in an incredible atmosphere every year, and this year; they're doing that yet again!

We want to make sure you get home quickly and safely each night, that's why we're putting on extra buses each evening!

When the event finishes, we recommend that you catch all buses to Blackpool and beyond from Lytham Square (outside Pizza Express), where we’ll have staff on hand to answer your questions and get you on board safely.

As well as the standard Service 7 & 11 bus timetables, we’re running an extra 8 bus journeys between Lytham – St Annes – Blackpool each evening. The times of the extra journeys are below.

The buses are extremely busy when departing Lytham and we advise you not to wait until the very last bus to get home. We can’t guarantee that there will be space for everybody, so please ensure that you arrive at the stop with plenty of time to spare.

Journeys in bold are extra trips and aren’t displayed on your standard timetable.

22:49 Service 7 to Cleveleys

22:54 Service 7 to Blackpool only.

22:59 Service 11 

23:04 Service 11 

23:14 Service 7 to Blackpool only.

23:19 Service 7 

23:29 Service 11 

23:34 Service 11 

23:39 Service 11

23:49 Service 7

23:59 Service 11 

00:04 Service 11 

00:14 Service 7 to Blackpool only

00:19 Service 7

00:24 Service 7 to Blackpool only. 

If you need any help with journey planning prior to the event, just get in touch with a member of the team.

As one of Lancashire's best and most loved music festival's, and with an incredible line-up, Lytham Festival promises to be a fun event for all the family and any music lovers to enjoy! 

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