Further Reductions to Bus Services

4 months ago Wed 1st Apr 2020

During this unprecedented time, our teams have been trying their very best to keep services running and as reliable as possible for those who are travelling for essential reasons.

As you know, we needed to reduce some of our bus frequencies so that we could best manage our resource and unfortunately, we now need to reduce some services even further to ensure that we are able to continue providing a service for people who need to travel at this time. These changes will come into effect on Sunday 05 April.

From this date and until further notice, we will also be introducing a 'flat fare' on all of our bus services regardless of where you travel to or from. The fare will be £1.50 and will be in place from the start of service on Sunday 05 April. You can read our article for more information on this fare change.

Positively, people are following government guidance and staying at home, only travelling when It is vital to do so. This, however, means a large reduction in the number of people travelling on board our services and when coupled with lower staffing levels during this time, means that we need to reduce our bus services to essential journeys only.

Please rest assured that no individual services will be removed, and routes will not be shortened so that we can continue to provide travel for those who need it. We have added a short summary of the frequencies and first and last buses Monday to Saturday to the table below. Sundays will operate a different service and you can see all of the timetables for Sundays, via our Routes and Maps section.

Bus  Frequency First Bus S/bound First Bus N/bound Last Bus S/bound Last Bus N/Bound
Service 1 30 mins 06:45 06:30 22:19 22:00
Service 2 60 mins 06:30 07:00 18:30 18:00
Service 2C 90 mins 06:30 06:45 1830 1715
Service 3 60 mins 07:37 08:30 21:37 20:30
Service 4 60 mins 09:15 08:00 20:15 20:00
Service 5 30 mins 07:01 06:10 22.31 23:10
Service 6 30 mins 06:54 06:30 23:24 22:30
Service 7 60 mins 07:20 07:38 22:20 22:00
Service 9 30 mins 06:35 06:20

18:05 (an extra journey
will run at 23:05 only)

18:20 (an extra journey
will run at 22:20 only)

Service 11 30 mins 06:30 06:32 18:00 19:02
Service 14 30 mins 06:30 06:30 22:00 22:00
Service 17 60 mins 06:00 06:00 20:00 21:00
Service 18 60 mins 10:00 10:00 16:00 16:00
Service 19 60 mins 09:55 10:25 17:55 17:25

The last thing that we want to do is inconvenience those whose need to travel is essential and we will continue to work hard so that we can ensure that vital frontline workers can still use public transport.

You can view the timetables for our services from Sunday 05 April on our Routes and Maps page, just be sure to select the correct date. For any help with journey planning, please feel free to get in touch with our team.