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Squires Gate & Harrowside Bridge Closures - Service Diversions

Our bus and tram timetables will change on Sunday 5 November 2017.  The changes are mainly due to the time of year as we see our Winter timetables come into effect. Some Services are also changing as a result of roadworks and some changes have been made to further benefit customers.

We’ve summarised what these November service changes will mean to you in a news post. Please take a look and as ever, contact a member of the team if you have any questions or need any help.

There will also be major roadworks carried out in the town centre for most of the winter period. This will mean that most of our buses will have to use alternative stops in the town centre area at various different times. We’ll release more information as soon as we have it, but please keep up to date with any changes to make sure you know where to catch your bus.

Service 7

Bridges at Squires Gate and Harrowside are going to be closed throughout the winter months so Service 7 will be disrupted and will follow a diverted route. The service will divert via Queensway which means it won’t run along Clifton Drive and some part of Squires Gate Lane.

Due to this diversion the frequency will reduce to every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday and every 30 minutes on Sunday. This will ensure we can keep buses running on time.

View the amended route map for Service 7 from 5 November.

Service 11

Service 11 will divert due to Squires Gate and Harrowside bridges being closed.  Service 11 won’t be able to use Squires Gate Lane or much of Lytham Road so get in touch with us if you need any help with planning alternative routes. The 11 will turn left on to the Promenade from Clifton Drive North, right on to Harrow Place, left on to Clifton Drive, on to the Promenade at the Big Blue Hotel, right on to Station Road and left on to Lytham Road where it will resume the normal route.

View the amended route map for Service 11 from 5 November.

Service 15 & 16

Services 15 and 16 will no longer operate from 5 November. We’ve found that very few customers are using these routes and instead prefer to use services that take a more direct route. We’re adding a couple of new, more direct routes which cover most of the areas where Services 15 and 16 currently run so you should be able to make your journey even quicker!

Service 18

This new Service will cover most of the current 15 and 16 Services but will only run from Blackpool Town Centre to Mereside Tesco and will run via South Shore. This is where most of our customers currently travel to and from on Services 15 and 16. This means you get a more direct bus service. It’ll run every 30 minutes Monday to Friday and hourly on weekends.

View the route map for Service 18.

Service 19

Another new Service, the 19 will provide a speedy link between Staining and Blackpool Town Centre via Victoria Hospital every hour. You can also use this bus to get to the Zoo too as it’s just a short walk from the Hospital.

View the route map for Service 19.