Daily Fare Capping

From Sunday 25 September, we'll introduce daily capping on all of your Tap&Go and single contactless fares. Daily capping means that no matter how many times you travel and tap with us in a day, you'll never pay more than the cost of a day ticket! 

From Sunday 25 September, there will also be a change to our fares and saver tickets. Being reassured that you'll be capped for your daily Tap&Go journeys is something that we wanted to introduce as we know it is more important than ever to get the best value possible. The price you pay will only be capped if you use the same card to travel for all your journeys that day. You can use any of our services including a mixture of bus and tram journeys*.

Tap & Go journeys are not currently available for:

  • Children or young adults.
  • Families, groups or multiple people travelling using one credit/debit card.

What benefit will this give me?

We get it, some days you might make only a few single journeys but others, you could have reason to make those extra trips. If you don’t necessarily know how many times you're planning to travel in a day, you can rest assured that we'll cap your fares and you'll never pay more than the price of a day ticket.

This means no matter how many times you travel during the day, you'll be getting the best value travel.

How does it work?

It is linked to our payment systems when you board and tap your card or a contactless device. If you hop on more services on that day, the system will recognise your card/device and when you've made enough journeys to match the cost of a day ticket, we will cap your fares to stop further payments from being taken. From then on, you can travel for the rest of the day, freely and safely in the knowledge that you won't be charged more.

Not only that, if you link your main payment card to your BTS mobile app account, from 25 September, you can track your payments, where you've been and see that you're getting the best value for your day's journeys.

The new contactless journey hub will be shown in the menu of your BTS app from Sunday 25 September and once linked with your card will be a great tool for you to check on your journeys and payments.

Why just daily capping and not weekly, or monthly?

Daily capping is a great way to test the new technology we have in place between our mobile app and our new ticketing machines. Once we are sure that the technology is running as smoothly as possible, we will look at capping journeys at higher amounts giving you even more freedom and reassurance when travelling with us.

How can I view my journey and payment history?

The Blackpool Transport App or website can be used to view your contactless and Tap & Go ticket purchases. You can also see when you have reached your daily cap. You will need to register your physical debit/credit card. You will also be able to see journeys made using Android and Apple pay as long as you have used your physical card once to tap on.

What does it mean if it says incomplete journey?

If you use our Tap & Go system on the bus and you do not tap off, it will show as an incomplete journey, and you will be charged the maximum fare for that route relative to where you hopped on as we cannot calculate what you should have paid. You will also see the same message on single zone bus services unless you tap out. To see your journeys quickly and accurately please tap off at the end of your bus journey, remember no need to tap off on a tram.

How will it look on my device?

Tap and Go PortalTap and Go Portal 2