Ride contactless with Blackpool Transport

No cash? No problem!

You can now take any Blackpool Transport bus or tram and pay with your contactless-enabled card or device for a fast, easy and secure boarding process. We accept both Apple and Google pay, it doesn't matter if you're using your smart-watch, mobile or card, it'll work on all buses and trams.

Just tap your card on the bus card machine reader/ Tram conductors handheld ticket machine when paying for your fare, wait for that green light and you're good to go! Our card machines don't accept chip and pin payment so check that your card is contactless enabled before you tap away.

Whether it's bus or tram, we accept contactless payments up to £100, so you'll never need to fumble for change again. The days of last-minute trips to the cash machine and counting your pennies are long gone. This means you can purchase all your single, saver (except 30-day tickets) and group tickets onboard on our services, dont forget to grab your ticket if you've purchased a saver ticket.

Looking to purchase a 30-day ticket? You can do so via our mobile app or website.

Any questions?

We have more in-depth information on how contactless works on both our buses and trams just below.

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Tap & Go for simple single journeys.

For a super easy single bus journey, you can use your contactless-enabled card/device and always be charged the correct and least amount for your trip. How does it work? 

When you board your bus, just tap your card/device on the bus drivers card reader to start your journey, once the reader flashes green you can take your seat. (make sure you're card is separate from your phone to avoid being charged twice when tapping) No need to let the driver know where you are going, the machine does the work for you.

When your stop is coming up and you are ready to get off, tap your card on the exit card reader opposite the driver's cab on your way out. You have now ended your journey and will be charged the least amount possible every time.

Depending on whether you travelling in one or two zones, you'll be charged £2.10 or £2.60. See our single fare zonal map.

If you want to Tap&Go on our trams, we have a flat fare of £2.60 so there's no need to tap on and off. Just pay your fare and take your seat.

See the full details on Tap&Go or check out our Tap&Go FAQ page.

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Get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to help.