This 2,200m square area is jam packed with jokes and catchphrases from over 1000 comedians, the comedy carpet lies along Blackpool’s seafront for the public to have a laugh at and enjoy. This celebration of comedy is on a whole new scale and it’s aimed at giving you a unique experience, adding to making your visit to Blackpool one of the best trips yet.

This free attraction is easily recognisable as you walk along the prom, and come rain or shine it’s always here for you to discover!

The Comedy Carpet is near to Blackpool’s many other great attractions including the Blackpool Tower and Sea Life.

Further information

Said to be the largest piece of public artwork in the UK at 2,200 square feet, the project was commissioned by Blackpool Council as part of a larger scheme to regenerate Blackpool’s Promenade with a new landmark for the 21st Century.  The Comedy Carpet offers a unique look at Blackpool’s unrivalled comedy and entertainment history, and boasts the catchphrases, quotes and jokes of over one thousand world-class comedians, entertainers and performances.

It was officially opened in 2011 by Sir Ken Dodd after five years of hard work and research. It comprises of over 160,000 granite letters and over eighty percent of the names listed on this artwork have performed in this town in many of the theatres that still stand today. The Grand Theatre, Winter Gardens and the three piers have all hosted some of these amazing names; our forgotten theatres, including the Palace, Hippodrome and Queen’s Theatre, have also given their stages to these iconic voices.

As well as their significance to this town, the Comedy Carpet aimed to showcase the magnitude and prestige of British humour and the influence that these performers have had on shaping the landscape of our comedic output.  It is also a lasting tribute to time, work and effort that comedians have dedicated to making the nation laugh.

From Arthur Askey to Hylda Baker, Richard Curtis to Simon Pegg, Monty Python to Faulty Towers, the Comedy Carpet includes famous names and even more famous lines. From short catchphrases such as “fan dabi dozi” and “I do Ron, Ron”, to monologues about wellies and the War, from British greats to international giants, there’s a place for all entertainers on the Comedy Carpet; and whether you’re looking at it from the top of the Tower or looking over your feet… there’s a catchphrase for everyone to enjoy.

Blackpool has a legacy of welcoming and entertaining guests from all over the world.  The Comedy Carpet welcomes them once more with Bruce Forsyth’s famous words “Nice to see you, to see you… nice!” emblazoned beneath your feet.

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