Changes to your Services 1 and 20 from 18 December 2022

1 year ago Wed 23rd Nov 2022

From Sunday 18 December there will be some changes to services 1 and 20 as we maximise the use of our resources. These changes mean that our core services are strengthened, reducing cancellations and increasing the reliability of our network further still.

Withdrawal of the Service 20

From this date, we have decided to withdraw service 20. On average, the service carries 100 people per day at its peak, creating both financial and resource losses and making it no longer viable to run. 

Following the introduction of our service 75 running alongside services 2 and 2C, customer numbers onboard service 20 have dropped further still, with customers able to use these alternative routes to Poulton/Blackpool.

On Sunday 18 December, Lancashire County Council will introduce a temporary 72 service, operating every hour from Monday to Saturday daytime between Staining and Blackpool Town Centre, via Victoria Hospital and Layton Square.  

The service will be operated by Transpora Group Ltd (previously Coastliner) on behalf of Lancashire County Council. You can find more information about the 72 here.

You will be able to use any Lancashire County Council bus passes on this service, however, will not be able to use our range of tickets.

Changes to service 1

From Sunday 18 December, there will be a change to the route of our service 1 bus. The service will be curtailed and operate between Fleetwood and Blackpool Town Centre only from this date.

On this service, just 13% of our customers board service 1 in the south section of the route, as our tram service provides an identical replacement for this section already. Customers can then link with other services in the town centre for onward journeys.

We’re making these changes so that we can retain resources to be used to strengthen core areas of the network, providing reliable journeys for all our customers. We have tried to keep the impact on our customers minimal with alternative journeys available for both of these routes.

If you’d like any help with planning your journey from Sunday 18 December, please feel free to get in touch with our team.