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Changes To Your Bus Services from 25 March

254 days ago Thu 8th Feb 2018

Update 15.03.18

Squires Gate bridge has opened early which means our Service 7, 11 & 18 will use their new routes from Saturday 17 March. Timetables will remain the same until Sunday 25 March. Read more about Squires Gate bridge opening early.

On 25 March some of our bus routes and timetables will change. These changes are because Squires Gate Bridge will reopen, meaning services 7 and 11 can go back to using their normal routes, along with a change to Service 18 in the South Shore area.

We are also bringing back our service 20, linking Blackpool Town Centre, Blackpool Zoo, Stanley Park and Marton Mere Holiday Park at weekends and during the school holidays.

Tram timetables will change too and run up to every 10 minutes in the day time.

We have summarised which routes are changing and how they could affect you below. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can assist with any queries or journey planning.


The tram timetable will change on 25 March and will run up to every 10 minutes in the day time. We’ve produced a handy booklet which has all of our tram timetables in until March 2019 which you can pick up from our Customer Centre from 13 March. The new tram timetables are already available on our website and mobile app and can be downloaded here.

Service 7

The reopening of Squires Gate bridge will see the service 7 return to its normal route every 20 minutes. The 7 will use St Annes Road, Squires Gate Lane and Clifton Drive North in both directions. View the 7 route map or check the 7 timetable from 25 March.

Service 11

Squires Gate bridge reopening will also allow the service 11 to return to its normal route. Running every 15 minutes, the 11 will use Lytham Road, Squires Gate Lane and Clifton Drive North in both directions. View the 11 route map or check the 11 timetable from 25 March.

Service 17

The 17 will see a small change to its timetable which will reduce the overall journey time. This is because there will be less traffic using Queensway when the bridge reopens, making your journey times quicker! View the 17 route map or check the 17 timetable from 25 March.

Service 18

Service 18 will see a slight change to its route and will no longer use Lytham Road. Instead, it will use Bond Street, Clifton Drive, Squires Gate Lane and Highfield Road to and from Mereside Tesco and run every hour. This replaces much of the old 15/16 route and provides a link for residents in the South Shore & Harrowside area. We’ve taken a look at the number of people using this new service and an hourly service will ensure there are enough buses to carry the number of customers using it. View the 18 route map or check the 18 timetable from 25 March.

At this time there will be no changes to any other services. You can check the Routes & Maps section for all of our up to date timetables, or contact a member of the team if we can help with journey planning or other queries.

We've also put together a handy guide which includes a summary of all services to keep you up to speed.








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